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BWW Feature: CINELOGGIA BOUTIQUE MUSEUM celebrates horror and Sci-Fi genres

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The museum opens to fans in New Orleans Square during the scariest month of the year.

BWW Feature: CINELOGGIA BOUTIQUE MUSEUM celebrates horror and Sci-Fi genres

Photos by Hayley Benson-Burke

People love horror movies and television shows, especially in October. So many elements make films unique, including wardrobe, props, scenery, and other facets. The attraction Cineloggia Boutique Museum celebrates all things horror and has opened in Commercial Center in the New Orleans Square. Guests can see and take photos with rare collections and memorabilia of their favorite scary films and shows.

Collections will include vintage movies and television programs as well as current films and shows. One of the first, more extensive exhibits installed is the props and costumes from the 2006 movie Silent Hill and its sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012). The franchise is an adaptation of the 1999 video game of the same name. The first movie was a huge hit with critical praise for its visuals, set designs, and atmosphere, and the sequel has become a cult classic.

Cineloggia will showcase the iconic props, costumes, and memorabilia from hit franchises, including Star Wars and Halloween, as well as other fan favorites and cult classics. Collections will include vintage movies, television programs, and current shows with over 150 items on display to be rotated several times a year. New items are always being found, donated, and then refurbished. Cineloggia accepts donations of props, costumes, set designs, and collections to showcase in the boutique museum. They also work with many private collectors to create displays in its space for on-loan pieces and collections.

Nick Benson, his wife Marla Benson, stepson Dean Street, and collector/curator James Azrael founded Cineloggia. "I have worked in special effects for 35 years, and now I restore props for collectors," explains Nick. "This is my wife's vision, who ran an art gallery in Los Angeles. She wanted to open this boutique museum and share these special collections with the public."

They realized that people love horror and psychological thrillers.

"These types of films have a way of drawing in people. I have read studies that state that people watch scary movies for three main reasons: tension, relevance, and unrealism. Some will watch a scary movie for the experience of mystique and shock. Others relate to elements in those films. Those who like horror due to its unrealism enjoy it because they know that it's all fake anyway. For them, it's just entertainment and fun," he says.

According to Nick, the horror genre has changed vastly, some good and some bad. He personally feels most horror films and shows today don't rely as heavily on story and psychology and focus more on shock. "I still enjoy them but don't personally don't lean towards the newer ones. I really like stories that mess with the mind with a balance of shock to make you analyze it even when you leave the theater. Think of combining the elements of Carpenter with Hitchcock."

BWW Feature: CINELOGGIA BOUTIQUE MUSEUM celebrates horror and Sci-Fi genresWhile the attraction is for profit, the boutique museum has partnered with the not-for-profit Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (HSPPA). Cineloggia will cross promote and aid in preserving props, costumes, and special effects with HSPPA. For more information, visit

The Cineloggia Boutique Museum has opened in the New Orleans Square, 900 E. Karen Ave., as part of the arts community that continues to grow, including Photo Bang Bang, Hellbound Horror Collectibles, and Core Contemporary. For updates, follow its Facebook page at For more information, visit

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