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BWW Review: DIRTY DANCING - A Musical with the Right Moves

Dirty Dancing opened at The Bushnell in Hartford, Connecticut last night and boy, was it a show. Between the signing, dancing, and passion held on stage, it led up to its legendary silver screen story.

For those unfamiliar to the long-loved tale - shame on you - the story unfolds with "Baby" - or Frances Houseman if you want to get all "grown up" about it - (Rachel Boone) going to a summer retreat with her family before heading to The Peace Corps.

There, she encounters dancing for the first time. And not just any dancing. Dirty dancing. She stumbles upon a group of energetic youngsters suggestively moving on the dance floor and quickly becomes enthralled. And who wouldn't, with Johnny Castle (Christopher Tierney) leading the pack? With his bold confidence and sensual rhythm - not to mention stacked physique - he's one that's hard to steer your eyes from (just ask the many hooting and hollering women in the audience).

Baby and Johnny are from the "opposite sides of the tracks" but when trouble arises at the retreat, the pair comes together to dance their issues away. And do they dance. The audience watches, captivated by Johnny teaching his young apprentice the moves of the Merengue and can't help but get enthralled. And once the story steams up and the two dance partners turn into lovers, there's no turning away.

Of course, more complications arise - them being from such different backgrounds and all - but nothing stops these two from having a good time - or dancing. After all, "no one puts Baby in the corner."

With its high-energy dance moves, sing-out-loud tunes, and enticing love story, Dirty Dancing is the show that will give you "the time of your life."

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