Canton Museum of Art Free Offers Admission on Presidents' Day

Canton Museum of Art Free Offers Admission on Presidents' DayCanton Museum of Art (CMA) will observe Presidents' Day with free gallery admission from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 19, 2018. Free art acitivites for all ages will be available in the lobby, one of which will be inspired by the legacy of president Abraham Lincoln.

"The Museum is dedicated to making art accessible to everyone and we are pleased to offer free admission in observance of Presidents' Day," commented Max Barton, Executive Director of the Canton Museum of Art. "On Monday, visitors have the opportunity to view CMA's newest acquisition Bleak House, Broadstairs by Childe Hassam in the American Masters exhibition. We are thrilled to add this important, classic work of American Impressionism to our collection."

Exhibitions on view during Presidents' Day include:

Elijah Pierce: An American Journey
An American Journey explores the work of self-taught, American folk artists of the 20th century, Elijah Pierce (1892 - 1984). Pierce was a prolific African American wood carver known for his brightly painted sculptural panels illustrating biblical stories, moral lessons, historical events, and images from popular culture - a landscape of wood-carved art that is unlike any in America. This exhibit focuses on 40 major works. Featured in the exhibit is Pierce's most ambitious carving, "Book of Wood" (1932), consisting of seven panels with 33 scenes illustrating the years Christ lived on the earth, as well as works depicting segregation, the Vietnam War, Watergate, and Civil Rights, among others.

American Masters: Watercolors
Childe Hassam, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, George Luks, John Marin, Maurice Prendergast, and John Singer Sargent are seven exceedingly fine masters of watercolor painting by any standard. This exhibition showcases Canton Museum of Art's recent acquisition of Childe Hassam's 1890 impressionist masterpiece, Bleak House, Broadstairs. Watercolor is one of the most challenging mediums to use; the colors need to be carefully controlled or they bleed into one another. In the century following the Civil War, watercolor painting became an important American medium and it was used more freely and creatively than anywhere else in the world. Together, these seven masters contribute importantly to our cultural heritage and give us a standard of creative excellence that is a vast benefit to all of us. Rarely are all seven of these masterworks on display at one time.

Fire and Water: Ceramics and Watercolors
Do Fire and Water mix? They do at the Canton Museum of Art. An art museum is much more than a building. It isn't built simply with bricks, mortar, and concrete. It is built with a love of art, a commitment from a community, and the hope that the works of art inside can inspire future generations. Through the Canton Museum of Art's focus on American watercolors and ceramics, CMA has selected a unique identity among museums in Northeast Ohio. Building a strong, vital collection is central to living up to our commitment to the community, and building a lasting legacy for the future. And so, through the fires that built our ceramics, and the water that mixed with color on a palette, we build our collection, and we share these amazing artists and works to inspire visitors, both in the galleries and online.

African American Masterpieces: Permanent Collection Highlights
African American art is a comprehensive term describing the visual arts of the American black community. In the past, African American art was expressed through basket weaving, small drums, quilting, pottery, painting, and woodcarving. After the Civil War, African American works were slowly accepted in American culture - however, their art was better received in Europe than in America. Today, most major cities have developed museums devoted to African American artists. Important collections of African American art are becoming more prevalent, and this exhibition celebrates the works from the Canton Museum of Art's permanent collection. In conjunction with the woodcarvings of Elijah Pierce, this exhibition showcases paintings and ceramics created between 1945 and 2010.

Engraved Fields: Jack McWhorter
Jack McWhorter refers to his most recent set of paintings collectively as 'engraved fields.' The reference is an apt one in the sense that his paintings are fields of a kind, articulated with a painterly calligraphy describing poetic marks. Looking at his paintings is to encounter places where the mysterious, the metaphorical, and the mundane come together for the viewer through expressive brush strokes. On one level, his paintings function as models of connectivity, arrivals, or snapshots of structures and relationships in flux, carrying the evidence of paths that led to their destination. Working up his paintings, they build into overall structures with inseparable components. Jack conjoins various series of procedures to develop visual relationships, including space/scale, and figure/ground.

?About the Canton Museum of Art
The Canton Museum of Art (CMA) is one of Ohio's premier museums for an exceptional visual arts experience. CMA is recognized for powerful national touring exhibits; dynamic CMA-original exhibits; an unrivaled Permanent Collection of American watercolors and contemporary ceramics; and innovative education outreach programs, in-Museum classes, and workshops.

Location: The Canton Museum of Art is located in the Cultural Center for the Arts, 1001 Market Avenue North, Canton, Ohio 44702. Free onsite parking is available around the Museum. Call 330.453.7666 for information and directions or visit our website at
Canton Museum of Art
1001 Market Avenue North
Canton, OH 44702
330 453 7666

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