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BWW Review: THE SAVANNAH SIPPING SOCIETY at Hanover Little Theatre


Catch this brilliant comedy now through November 21st

BWW Review: THE SAVANNAH SIPPING SOCIETY at Hanover Little Theatre

Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten are well-known for their endearing comedies, including Always a Bridesmaid, Dearly Beloved, and many more. Known as Jones Hope Wooten Playwrights, their work has brought laughter to theatres across the country. Hanover Little Theatre reopens for the first time since the pandemic shut down with The Savannah Sipping Society, featuring four unique, strong female characters sure to tickle your funny bone. Join in the laughter now through November 21st at Hanover Little Theatre.

The show features lighting expertly designed by Bob McCleary, which is used to highlight moments when the characters speak directly to the audience as well as to transport the audience to Savannah, Georgia. When the curtain opens to reveal Randa's veranda, the audience audibly gasps, and comments like "oh, it's so beautiful" and "wow" whisper through the auditorium. The set, designed, constructed, and painted by Duane Bull, Charlie Beard, Doug Cooper, Erin and Paul DiNello, Dennis Crooks, and the cast, truly is remarkable. While the exterior veranda is the focal point, the windows that the audience can see through are a key component to some of the physical comedy in the show.

The cast, under the direction of Doug Cooper, treats the audience to an energetic performance filled with authentic emotion and perfect comedic timing. The women do not come across as caricatures, but rather as real women dealing with a variety of difficulties, and all finding ways of overcoming those difficulties through the power of friendship.

Workaholic Randa Covington is portrayed by Vanessa Burke. Burke's line delivery and facial expressions highlight Randa's independence, sarcasm, and skepticism beautifully. Joan Crooks and Laura Gifford take on the roles of widow Dot Haigler and divorcee Marlafaye Mosley, two women with whom Randa unexpectedly finds common ground following a disastrous session of hot yoga. Crooks is a master of comedy, infusing her character with that special brand of Southern charm and humor. Gifford is brilliant in her role as Marlafaye, pouring her energy into the character's biting wit and down to earth nature. Suzanne Williamson brings the role of Jinx Jenkins to life, emphasizing her positive outlook and nurturing personality. The entire cast (including producer Heidi Hormel, who has a cameo role as Grandmother Covington) knows how to keep the show moving and keep the laughs coming. They also demonstrate great emotional depth in the many poignant moments peppered throughout the show. These moments, and the way in which the actors perform them, keep the show from turning into something that is simply silly, allowing the audience to see the characters as real women with real struggles and real strength.

The Savannah Sipping Society is Hanover Little Theatre's first live show in almost two years, and it is well worth the wait. It is also the perfect show for these times-many of us have faced uncertainty, loss, and the struggle of rediscovering who we are and who we want to be-difficulties the characters in this show face with much humor and grace. Get your tickets now for this remarkable and hilarious play by visiting

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