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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST DIRECTOR

It's all about the person driving the train.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST DIRECTOR There is tell of a time when nightclub acts had no director, had no need of a director. That sounds cool. But it also reminds you of those old film noir movies where the gangsters conduct a meeting at a table in the corner while a blonde in black velvet stands at a microphone doing her thing as a cloud of cigarette smoke drifts around her head. Somewhere along the line nightclub acts, cabaret shows, concerts became musical plays with a story, a theme, a through-line, and that requires someone leading the artistic way. Often throughout her storied career Liza Minnelli was heard to say that Fred Ebb wrote her shows, that Fred Ebb directed her shows; in fact, it was probably Liza's doing that people create their acts the way that they do now. That kind of greatness requires a director, and the performers who put their shows in the hands of these artists know that.


Mitchell Walker - Michelle Dowdy: A Brass Act, Alexa Green: A Shining Hour, Blaine Alden Krauss: From the Soul, Janine DiVita: Lit A Modern Broad:

Robert W. Schneider - 54 Celebrates the Colonial Theater, 54 Sings Ballroom/Golden Rainbow/I Do! I Do!:

Travis Russ - The Gorgeous Nothings In Concert At Joe's Pub:

See the sizzle reel from THE GORGEOUS NOTHINGS IN CONCERT on Vimeo HERE.

Ari Axelrod - Bridging the Gap:

Barry Kleinbort - Paula Dione Ingram: Dark Legacy: Bright Lights of Black Broadway, Anita Gillette: After All/Me and Mr. B!/Chapter 3, Karen Mason at Mama's in March:

Brian Songy - Morgan Bartholick: It Never Felt Wrong:

Corinna Sowers Adler - Phenomenal Woman Featuring Ami Brabson: Read all about Phenomenal Woman HERE.

Faith Prince - Meri Ziev: In Other Words:

Jay Rogers - Michael Kirk Lane: Just Because:

Lennie Watts - Tommy J. Dose: By The Book, THOSE GIRLS Sing The Boys Vol. 1, Heather Villaescusa: The Happiness Project

Will Nunziata - Over Here!, Nicole Henry: I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Anthony Nunziata: The Birthday Bash, Haley Swindal: Sing Happy!, Cady Huffman: Miss Peggy Lee: In Her Own Words and Music:

Alan Muraoka - Jennifer Barnhart: It's About Time!, Elizabeth Ward Land: Still Within The Sound of My Voice:

Lina Koutrakos - The Doris Dear Christmas Special, Dorian Woodruff: Welcome Home, The Doris Dear Mother's Day Special, Lisa Yaeger Jersey Girl:

Robbie Rozelle - Jessica Vosk: Being Green, Kate Baldwin: Extraordinary Machine, Kate Baldwin: How Did You Get This Number, Melissa Errico: Sondheim Sublime, Melissa Errico: Funny, I'm a Woman With Children:

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST DIRECTOR

Kyle LeMaire - The Life and Crimes of Nora Lyn Kennedy:

Coco Taylor - American Teen Princess: No online representation could be found of this comedy show by drag artist Coco Taylor.

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