Silva Screen Records Presents Soundtrack to PUSHER

Silva Screen Records Presents Soundtrack to PUSHER

Silva Screen is pleased to announce the release of the Orbital penned soundtrack to PUSHER. The film sees Richard Coyle as the East End drug dealer (Frank) out of his depth when his get rich quick scheme backfires and leaves him owing a ruthless drug lord a large amount of money. As Frank goes on a desperate quest to repay Milo (played by Zlatko Buric) before time is up, the violence escalates over the course of a week and events spiral out of his control. Stylishly directed by Luis Prieto and also starring supermodel Agyness Deyn, Orbital's music provides the perfect catalyst, igniting the fast-moving action as it shifts through the streets and clubs of London's gritty underworld.

"Working on Pusher was a great opportunity to create a score that draws on both moody thriller styles and dance music in equal measures. Full of anthemic film noir moments. Brilliant."
- Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)

"Pusher" is now available on CD, Digital Download and Vinyl.


1. Pusher Theme
2. Pay Me the Money
3. Driving and Clubbing
4. Turkish Tension
5. Bridge Deal
6. Cutting and Doing
7. Chase
8. Cell
9. Frank Mirror
10. Haken Bar
11. Serious Pet Shop
12. VVIP
13. Heroin Bath
14. Pet Shop Suicide
15. Frank Car Freak
16. Kiss
17. Coffee Kneecaps
18. Cab to Danaka's
19. Safe Ktichen
20. Party Freak
21. Post Nipple
22. Go with the Flo
23. Guns and Party
24. Higher - Lloyd Perrin
25. The Music (Instrumental) - Marcus Marr
26. Beat and the Pulse (Still Going Remix) - Austra

Digital Album: SILED1394

Release Date: October 9, 2012

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