Silva Screen Records Presents Score From History's HATFIELDS & MCCOYS

Silva Screen Records Presents Score From History's HATFIELDS & MCCOYS

Silva Screen Records presents HATFIELDS & MCCOYS. Composer John Debney and Tony Morales' Emmy Nominated score for director Kevin Reynold's historical epic.

Featuring top Hollywood talent, the series is based on a true story about two feuding families who nearly launched a war between Kentucky and West Virginia. Starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton in the main roles, the three part series earned 5 Emmy Awards.

Co-written by John Debney and Tony Morales, the score weaves an updated classic western sound with rich melodies and Appalachian instruments. Simultaneously modern and classic, the music perfectly complements the gritty Civil War images.

"While the prospect of writing the score for Hatfields & McCoys intrigued us from the beginning, once we actually saw a few scenes we knew this was a project we wanted to be a part oF. Early creative discussions hinged on creating a memorable score that honored the time and region while maintaining a contemporary sound. The use of Appalachian instruments was a natural choice, but it took some experimenting to come up with the right balance of traditional and contemporary elements. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed writing."
- Tony Morales

With over 100 scores to his credit, ranging from Iron Man, Cutthroat Island, Predators to Oscar nominated biblical epic Passion of the Christ, John Debney is well known for working in a variety of genres, collaborating and blending symphonic orchestra with a wide range of world instruments to create a unique world of sound.

1. Hatfields & McCoy Theme (Vocal - Lisbeth Scott) *
2. Battle / Innocent Death
3. Blood Ride
4. Long Shot Payback
5. The Shack
6. Randall Walks Home
7. Courtroom
8. Kill Bill
9. McCoy Boys Funeral
10. Judges Intervenes
11. Love Theme
12. Hatfield Warns Philips
13. Johnse Held
14. Rose's Chest
15. Elison Shot
16. Jim and Cap Chase McCoy
17. He's Dead Jim
18. Hatfield Takes McCoy Boys
19. Vengeance Train
20. McCoy Boys Execution
21. Sally & Randall Cross Paths
22. Boys Killed
23. Mourning The Dead
24. Long Road Down
25. Aunt B Spills the Beans
26. I Don't Want Your Money
27. Hatfields Ride
28. Randall Mutters
29. Long Cloaked Riders
30. Jim Vance Hunted Down
31. Devil Takes Johnse Fishing
32. Showdown
33. Rose Talks to Randall
34. Rose Dies & Johnse Mourns
35. McCoy Crazy
36. Blood Sets the Table
37. Hatfields And McCoys Theme
38. The Long Road Down (Vocal - Lisbeth Scott) *
39. I Know These Hills (vocal - Sara Beck with Modern West) **

* Featuring Lisbeth Scott
** Featuring Kevin Costner and the Modern West. Vocals by Sara Beck.

CD Release Date: November 13, 2012

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