NBC's AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Announces Top 47 Acts to Vie for Grand Prize

NBC's AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Announces Top 47 Acts to Vie for Grand Prize

Get ready to vote America! NBC's top-rated summer series "America's Got Talent" has selected the Top 47 acts to vie for the coveted $1 million grand prize beginning Tuesday, July 29 (9-11 p.m. ET). The 48th act, chosen by TODAY viewers in the "TODAY's Got Talent" contest, will be revealed live during the "America's Got Talent" results show July 30 (9-10 p.m. ET).

"AGT's" live performance shows will return to the legendary Radio City Music Hall for the second year. The first night will feature a special performance by the Rockettes®, true New York City icons who have entertained millions of fans with their unrivaled talent, glamour, strength, precision and athleticism.

The results show July 30 will include a show-stopping performance from Grammy Award-winning international icon Enrique Iglesias, singing his hit single "Bailando," featuring Sean Paul. Iglesias is one of the best-selling Spanish artists ever, with overall sales surpassing 100 million albums worldwide. His legacy includes five Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with two landing at #1. He also boasts 13 number #1 songs on the Billboard Dance Chart, which is the most for any male performer in the chart's history. In total, he's enjoyed 72 #1's across all Billboard charts. Plus, he holds the record for most #1 Spanish-language singles on the Hot Latin Tracks Chart with 25. Iglesias' 10th full-length album "SEX AND LOVE" was released March 14 by Republic Records.

The Top 48 acts of season 9 are:

AcroArmy www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/acroarmy

ACTE II www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/acte-ii

Adrian Romoff www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/adrian-romoff

Aerial Animation www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/aerial-animation

Andrey Moraru www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/andrey-moraru

Anna Clendening www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/anna-clendening

Bad Boys of Ballet www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/bad-boys-of-ballet

* Baila Conmigo www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/baila-conmigo

Blue Journey www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/blue-journey

Christian Stoinev www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/christian-stoinev

* Dan Naturman www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/dan-naturman

Darik Santos www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/darik-santos

* David and Leeman www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/david-and-leeman

Dom the Bom's Triple Threat www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/dom-the-boms-triple-threat

Dragon House "The Agents" www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/dragon-house-the-agents

Emil & Dariel www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/emil-dariel

* Emily West www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/emily-west

Extreme www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/extreme

* Flight Crew Jump Rope www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/flight-crew-jump-rope

Hart Dance Team www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/hart-dance-team

* Jasmine Flowers www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/jasmine-flowers

Jaycob Curlee www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/jaycob-curlee

* JD Anderson www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/jd-anderson

John & Andrew www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/john-andrew

Jonah Smith www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/jonah-smith

Jonatan Riquelme www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/jonatan-riquelme

Juan Carlos www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/juan-carlos

* Julia Goodwin www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/julia-goodwin

Kelli Glover www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/kelli-glover

Kieran & Finian Makepeace www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/kieran-finian-makepeace

Livy, Matt & Sammy www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/livy-matt-sammy

Loop Rawlins www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/loop-rawlins

Mara Justine www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/mara-justine

Mat Franco www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/mat-franco

* Miguel Dakota www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/miguel-dakota

Mike Super www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/mike-super

Mothmen Dance www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/mothmen-dance

Nina Burri www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/nina-burri

One Voice Children's Choir www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/one-voice-childrens-choir

Paul Ieti www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/paul-ieti

Quintavious Johnson www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/quintavious-johnson

* Sean & Luke www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/sean-luke

Smoothini www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/smoothini

Sons of Serendip www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/sons-of-serendip

* The Willis Clan www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/the-willis-clan

* Valo & Bobby www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/valo-bobby

Wendy Liebman www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9/wendy-liebman

"TODAY's Got Talent" winner www.today.com/agt (to be announced 7/30)

* Denotes the 12 acts to perform live in the first Quarter-final round, Tuesday, July 29 (9-11 p.m. ET).

More information, including bios and social media contacts for each act, can be found at www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/cast/season-9

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