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Hans Zimmer Theme Music From 13 MINUTES TO THE MOON is Being Released

Hans Zimmer Theme Music From 13 MINUTES TO THE MOON is Being Released

The Hans Zimmer theme music from the international hit podcast 13 Minutes to the Moon is being released as a complete track for BBC World Service podcast listeners. Together with a bonus episode in which the Oscar winning composer talks about the making of the music, it will be available in the 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast feed from Monday 23rd December.

The theme music was created specifically for the award-winning 13 Minutes to the Moon, which tells the full story of the first Moon landing 50 years ago. The music by Hans Zimmer for Bleeding Fingers Music has been requested by listeners and is the first podcast theme music the renowned movie composer has written.

In the bonus episode, he talks about how he creates music, his career and about why he decided to write the theme for a podcast:

He says, "The podcast is the ultimate medium to chronical the history of who we were and who we are and what our dreams and ambitions are. We've always had podcasts - it was mum telling us a story late at night and now suddenly we have found a way of legitimising it and taking it one stage further."

Of the music itself, he says: "The problem is, when you write about space, since we all know there is no sound in space, everything is an invention. But it isn't entirely an invention, because we do have those bleeps and these little signals that came from the satellites and we have the sound of the rockets etc. and modern technology allows us to turn those into musical instruments."

The complete track and the special bonus episode "The making of the music" will be available here and on most podcast apps from 23rd December 2019.

Hans Zimmer has written music for movies including The Lion King, Gladiator, Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight, and Dunkirk.

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