FRIENDS Stars to Reunite on New Series?

FRIENDS Stars to Reunite on New Series?

While avid fans of NBC's long-running comedy series FRIENDS would love it to be so, it looks like recent rumors of a cast reunion have proven to be false. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. TV, the studio which produced "Friends," tells that the reports are false - there will be no cast reunion and new new season of the series.

Reports of a rumored reunion first began when a Tulsa radio station posted a photo of the cast at their oft-visited hangout Central Perk on its Facebook page with the caption "Friends: The One with the Reunion." The photo also teased, "Thanksgiving 2014."

Speculations were further fueled last week when the site StarMedia claimed that the NBC network had "confirmed" not just a reunion, but a whole new season of the show.

For now, fans will have to settle for the small mini reunions which have popped up through the years, including a recent visit by Courtney Cox to Matthew Perry's new NBC comedy 'Go On' and an upcoming guest-starring appearance by Matt LeBlanc on Lisa Kudrow's "Web Therapy".

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. TV