DEXTER, SIMPSONS Producers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Animated Series

DEXTER, SIMPSONS Producers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Animated SeriesVeteran producer James Manos Jr., creator of "Dexter," and fellow Emmy-winning producer Bill Schultz of "The Simpsons," are joining forces to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the creation and production of the proposed "Jimmy Stones," animated series. "We want the fans to be a part of launching this really cool series not only by helping to fund some of the production, but also by helping to create a brand new animated series that will truly be unique to television," said Manos, who is executive producer of the show with Schultz. "Even with all the channels available, it's harder than ever to bring a truly unique creative and edgy project to the networks and studios - especially when it comes to animation. So we want to get fans involved to help us produce and demonstrate to the networks that this is an amazing show." To pledge, please visit The half hour animated comedy series follows the day to day struggles of Jimmy Stones, a man beaten by the system, divorce, bill collectors, healthcare and who refuses to pay another lousy dime to anyone. Instead, Jimmy gives up his power career and decides to "checkout," to smoke and drink himself into a blissful oblivion. But that proves more difficult than he thought, when all of a sudden every animal in New York City, from suicidal police horse named Buttercup, to a pair of bible-thumping, Puerto Rican pigeons, starts speaking to, berating and hassling him to stop his self-imposed exile from the system and get his life back together. But Jimmy Stones fights them, because, as he explains, "life's just too damn hard." With a goal of raising $100,000, Manos and Schultz plan use the money to produce 10 three-minute fully animated episodes using voice actors, artists, and animators - as well as music and post production. Once produced, the episodes will go online to create support for the proposed half hour and grow a fan base. "If we reach our goal, we will be able to put greenlight the first animated series of its kind! Adult, dark, clever, sophisticated and extremely funny with self-effacing, sarcastic humor. Jimmy Stones will set a benchmark for many creators for years to come!" Schultz said. Some of the exciting ways contributors will be rewarded include: A digital download for pledging $25. A custom Jimmy Stones art calendar for $75. Those who pledge $100 will be able to get their name in the credits of a Jimmy Stones episode. If you pledge at the $7,500 level you will have the opportunity to be written in the credits of a Jimmy Stones episode. If you pledge at the $7,500 level, you will have the opportunity to be written into and do a voice for a character in one of the Jimmy Stones episodes. A noted writer-producer, Manos won the Emmy Award for the 1999 episode "College" for the groundbreaking series "The Sopranos." After two seasons as Consulting Producer on the FX series, "The Shield," he went on to Create and Produce Showtime's signature one-hour drama, "Dexter." Manos is currently the showrunner on "South of Hell" a one-hour dramatic series being directed by Eli Roth for We tv next year. Bill Schultz is a four-time Emmy-award winning animation producer and studio executive with more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, producing such shows as "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," "Garfield," "Clifford the Big Red Dog," and "He Man and the Masters of the Universe." In 2010, Schultz launched Home Plate Entertainment as a new animation studio engineered to bring his wealth of experience and vision into taking advantage of the vast changes and growth in the worldwide animation production business. About Home Plate Entertainment With Schultz at the helm, Home Plate Entertainment (HPE) has already scored a hit with its series, "Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders," an animated skein for NickToons in the US, created by pro-skateboarder turned mega-TV-entrepreneur-super-star Rob Dyrdek, who has 3 successful series of his own on Viacom's MTV. The series has recently wrapped up its second season of production and will be releasing a brand new game and a raft of DVDs in the coming months. The studio has also produced a 26 half hour animated series - "Teenage Fairytale Dropouts," which has launched to great ratings on The Hub. With a raft of worldwide sales, the show features "rebellious teenage" world renowned renditions of the most classic iconic fairytales.