Columbian Rock Star JUANES To Appear On 'Katie', 2/25

Columbian Rock Star JUANES To Appear On 'Katie', 2/25

Celebra, a division of Penguin Group (USA), will publish the first book from Colombian rock star Juanes on Tuesday, April 2nd, it was announced today by Celebra Publisher Raymond Garcia. English- and Spanish-language editions of the heavily anticipated and visually arresting photo-throughout, full color memoir-entitled Chasing the Sun and Persiguiendo el sol respectively-will be released simultaneously.

In addititon, appearing Back-To-Back With Jennifer Lopez, JUANES Sits Down For An Interview With Katie Couric and performs "Me Enamora" From His GRAMMY Nominated / Chart-Topping Album: "JUANES MTV Unplugged"

"I am incredibly honored to work with Juanes. He is truly one of the greatest rock musicians, soulful singer/songwriters, and selfless humanitarians of our time. In Chasing the Sun, Juanes transcends his music and opens up for the first time about the poignant experiences that shaped him as both an artist and a person."- Raymond Garcia

In Chasing the Sun, Juanes personally penned intimate details about his life and provides a number of stunning images, including some never-before-seen personal photographs. The Latin music superstar reveals aspects of his professional life - including his early musical influences, the creation and disbanding of Colombia's leading hard rock band Ekhymosis, the start of his solo career and the global commercial success that followed, and the challenges and consequences of increased fame. Juanes also opens up about his personal life: the effects of witnessing corruption and violence in his hometown of Medellin, Colombia at a young age; his regret and remorse surrounding his father's death; falling in love with his wife and the birth of their three children; why his faith was challenged; and how he has been able to redefine his relationship with God, reinvent his career, and reaffirm his unyielding love for his family.

Juanes writes, "This [book] is an expression of pure friendship and a sincere way of saying thanks to everyone who has supported my music over the years. It's not my job to write books, Not in the least,...But I felt that if I really did this, it would be for you to learn who I truly am: who it is behind the songs you hear, Why I make the music I make, and why I think the way I think."

With six solo albums to his credit and multi-platinum sales of over 16 million copies, Juanes is the world's leading all-Spanish language rock artist. The Colombian superstar is also frequently recognized as one of the Spanish-speaking world's leading Social media voices with an online following of over 10 million fans. Juanes' dedication as a global activist also extends far beyond his passionate lyrics and is seen in his wide ranging charitable work for his own Mi Sangre Foundation and as a co-founder of the "Paz sin Fronteras" (Peace Without Borders) organization - which utilizes music to unite populaces regardless of political or geographic divides and advocates that all people are entitled to the basic human right of peace.

His most recent release, JUANES MTV Unplugged" debuted at #1 on Billboard's "Top Latin Albums" chart and in 18 countries throughout Latin America. The album's first single "La Señal" likewise reached #1 on the "Hot Latin Songs" chart, giving Juanes the 8th #1 song of his career. Most recently, "JUANES MTV Unplugged" WON this year's LATIN GRAMMY awards for ALBUM OF THE YEAR & BEST LONG FORM MUSIC VIDEO - giving Juanes an impressive career total of 19 LATIN GRAMMYS - more than any other solo artist. Now, with the album bringing Juanes another GRAMMY nomination as well, the appreciative musician has returned to the road to share this music directly with fans. The recently launched "Loud & Unplugged Tour" has already been praised as: "a brilliant and emotional unplugged performance that brings together 23 songs and more than two hours of dancing and celebration. of the best shows of the year"(Terra).