Casting Roundup! Will Ferrell, Tom Felton, and More!

Casting Roundup! Will Ferrell, Tom Felton, and More!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Will Ferrell is in talks to star as Russ Meyers in an upcoming biographical movie. The Simpsons writer Christopher Cluess is penning RUSS AND ROGER GO BEYOND, about the relationship between porn producer Russ Meyers and film critic Roger Ebert during their collaboration on the 1970 movie, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton and Joseph Fiennes will be starring in a new thriller, CLAVIUS. Under the direction of Waterworld's Kevin Reynolds, the story is told from the perspective of Fiennes' character who is a Roman centurion in search of Jesus' body. The film is set to open next Easter weekend, 2015.

Idris Elba is set to star in UK Indie film A HUNDRED STREETS with Gemma Arterton of Runner Runner. The two play a married couple in this drama about the lives of four people who live in London. Script-writer Michael Caton-Jones is no longer directing, but Jim O'Hanlon will be directing instead. Also in the cast are Adam Bakri and Franz Drameh.

Former One Tree Hill star James Lafferty will be in WAFFLE STREET opposite Danny Glover. The film is based on a book of the same title, following an unlikely friendship that forms between two men after one loses his job in 2012 with the market crash. With a script from Autumn McAlpin and Ian and Eshom Nelms, the latter two are set to direct the film.

Final Girl's Logan Huffman has joined THE PREPPIE CONNECTION, chronicling the life of an '80s drug using private school, directed by Joe Castelo.

Nico Evers-Swindell will appear in an Indie film from French director Alex Ranarivelo, WRONG SIDE OF RIGHT.