Trey Songz Album Release Party Wrap Up at iHeartRadio Theater

Trey Songz Album Release Party Wrap Up at iHeartRadio Theater

The iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles was swooning last night for the iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Trey Songz, celebrating his new album "Trigga." The event, hosted by iHeartRadio's own on-air personality Nessa, video streamed exclusively on Yahoo Screen and broadcasted live on all Urban and CHR-Rhythmic stations with a 60-minute live stream online across station websites and

Trey performed five songs off the new album including: "Foreign," "Na Na," "Smart Phones," "What's Best for You," and "Change Your Mind." For full set list, see below.

Nessa opened the show by telling the audience she saw Trey back stage doing some pelvic thrusts. They talked about his career, relationships, women, and making the new album, "Trigga."

Trey said the album features Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Juicy J among others. Trey said this album is more personal at a different phase in his life and that it's his favorite album.

Nessa asked him what phase he's in. Trey began talking about his relationships and said he's never been one to rush love. He's not looking for a girlfriend because the media thinks he should have one or because his Mom wants grand babies. He did say he's been wanting a wife and a family since his first girlfriend.

They discussed his song, "Yes, No, Maybe." The song talks about the decisions people go through when choosing to walk away or stay in a relationship. Trey said this song is about every valley, every peak of his emotions. When talking about the song "Smart Phones" Nessa asked what kind of messages he likes to get, and Trey responded, "everyone likes a 'I'm thinking about you message'."

He said he gets important messages, business messages, sex messages. He said he loves using emojis. He uses them all the time. He told Nessa that if he were texting her right now, he'd send her a little heart emoji.

Nessa asked what his favorite song on the album is.

Trey said the process was a different one for each song. He said he had a new favorite song every week. "We worked on Yes, No, Maybe, for three weeks straight. My younger brother produced that record so I'd say it's probably my favorite."

Nessa asked if he's in a relationship and what he looks for in a woman.

Trey said he's not. He said he's looking for a woman who can match his intellect and has her own ambitions. He told the ladies in the audience, "Never lose yourself in a man. Because you lose the man while you're doing it."

Nessa asked Trey if he's a booby guy or a booty guy. Trey said the first thing he sees on a girl is her face.

Throughout his performance, Trey was interacting with the audience, encouraging them to sing along with him. During his performance of "Smart Phones," he said he's not a liar, but wants everyone to understand the emotion. When you love someone, sometimes you have to lie to keep that feeling and stop the world from crashing down around you.

He closed the show out with a lively version of his hit "Bottoms Up," off of his 2010 album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" and gave a big shout out to all his "Angels."

Set List

1. Foreign

2. What's best for You

3. Smart Phones

4. Change your Mind

5. Na Na

6. Heart Attack

7. Can't Be Friends

8. Bottoms Up

Photo Credit: Getty Images for iHeartRadio