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Paul Anka Releases New American Standards Album 'Sessions'

The album spotlights beautifully reimagined hits from some of Anka’s favorite contemporary songwriters.

Paul Anka Releases New American Standards Album 'Sessions'


Out today on Green Hill Music, legendary crooner and songwriter Paul Anka unleashes his all new album of beloved American standards called Sessions. The album spotlights beautifully reimagined hits from some of Anka's favorite contemporary songwriters. Sessions is a luxuriously-produced vocal album that recalls the velvety, romantic 1950s and 1960s era of Capitol Records Studios.

Today also marks the hotly-awaited release of Anka's second single - a vocally-charged, heartfelt version of "It Was A Very Good Year," originally written by his friend Ervin Drake and made a household favorite swan song by Anka's close comrade Frank Sinatra. "It Was A Very Good Year" comes fresh on the heels of the release of Anka's masterful rendition of the 1965 Bob Dylan-penned classic, "Farewell Angelina."

"A benefit of being locked up during the pandemic and unable to tour was having a lot of time to work in the studio - writing new music and reinventing classics," says Anka. "This album really exemplifies that and is a love letter to songs and artists that have influenced me throughout my career as well as new music.

Frank Sinatra is an incredible influence on the world of music and his role in my life has had such a great impact. On this album, I pay homage to him with 'It Was A Very Good Year' and 'Strangers In The Night.' These are two songs of Frank's that I've performed on my Anka Sings Sinatra tour. They are such beautiful and powerful tracks."

"Another beautiful album by the legendary Paul Anka," says Blake Davis, general manager of Green Hill. "I loved the idea of such an iconic artist like Paul, covering songs by other iconic songwriting peers that he respects."

Sessions is an instant classic, brimming with selections hand-picked by Anka himself, and done with his silken flair. The album is gorgeously-produced with stately strings and orchestral touches lending it a timeless grandeur. Sessions is available now across all digital streaming platforms.

Paul Albert Anka is an internationally beloved entertainer born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who has managed to remain resonant and relevant from the late 1950s to until today as a singer, songwriter, and an actor. He is best known for his signature hit songs including "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and "Having My Baby."

Over his multi-decade career, Anka has garnered numerous accolades, and awards. Back home in Canada, there is Paul Anka Drive, "Paul Anka Day," he's won many Juno Awards, he has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Canada's Walk of Fame, and, in 2004, Anka was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Listen to the new album here:


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