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Painted Shield Releases Two New Singles and Live Performance Video

"Fallin Out Of The Sky" and "Drink The Ocean" are available for streaming now.

Painted Shield Releases Two New Singles and Live Performance Video

Today, Painted Shield released two new singles, "Fallin Out Of The Sky" and "Drink The Ocean," which is captured in a stunning live performance video. The group, which features Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, acclaimed songwriter Mason Jennings, Matt Chamberlain and Seattle soul prodigy Brittany Davis, will release their second album Painted Shield 2 on May 27th, via Loosegroove Records. The album is currently available to pre-save here.

Watch: Live Performance Video of "Drink The Ocean"

Stream: "Fallin Out Of The Sky"

The group also recently released the singles "Til God Turns The Lights On" and "Life In Rewind." Where most Painted Shield songs are fronted by singer Mason Jennings, "Life In Rewind" spotlights non-binary band member Brittany Davis, an incredibly gifted multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer based in Seattle. Davis is also blind, and describes themself as "a vessel of sound" who experiences music in spirit and colors.

Commenting on Davis' role in the group Gossard writes, "They're just a phenomenal musician and a charming and energizing human being. They're an incredible engineer, write the most bad-ass beats and can jam like a complete crazy person. They can fit in on any song and find a spot and be so powerful."

Painted Shield previously released the riff-heavy single "Dead Man's Dream" which was acclaimed by Loudwire, and Guitar World who raved that Painted Shield "returns sooner than expected, and with an altogether rockier edge - vocalists Mason Jennings and Brittany Davis really let rip, while Gossard indulges his love of The Who and Led Zeppelin with chunky Les Paul tones and windmill-worthy ringing chords."

The group released their self-titled debut album in 2020 to wide acclaim from outlets including Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound, Spin, The Seattle Times, and NPR's All Songs Considered. The album was noted for its wide array of sonic textures, frenetic energy, and eclectic approach to songwriting, all of which is elevated to a new level on Painted Shield 2.

"It's the assassination of genre," says Davis, pointing to a track list that includes full-throttle guitar rock ("Dead Man's Dream"), nocturnal funk-pop ("Til God Turns the Lights On"), and percussive, synth-driven atmospherics ("Alien"). "We kill the idea that there's a formula you're supposed to follow," Davis continues. "We make things our own. It's like saying a word in another language, when the word in English doesn't exist. Even if you can't always translate it, you can still feel it."

The four musicians, several of whom hadn't even played together in person, tracked Painted Shield 2 at their respective home studios across America. Chamberlain, his tour dates as a member of Bob Dylan's band brought to a halt by the Covid-19 pandemic, found himself at home in Los Angeles, creating beats, instrumental beds, and looped soundscapes using drums and modular synthesizers. A thousand miles to the north, Gossard - still fresh from the upper reaches of the Billboard Top 200, where Pearl Jam's eleventh album, Gigaton, had climbed to Number 5 in 2020 - was generating ideas of his own in a Seattle studio. Jennings added melodies and lyrics. Brittany Davis did the same, tossing funky bass parts and synthesized guitar solos into the mix. They both sang, too - sometimes separately, sometimes blending their voices into lockstep harmonies.

The result is an album that takes aim at the head, the heart, and the hips. It's a mix of the electronic and the organic - a moody rock album that genuinely moves, from the funky fire and industrialized guitar strut that gives "Til God Turns the Lights On" its unique swagger to the garage-rock abandon that supercharges "Falling Out of the Sky." That sense of movement can be soft and deliberate, too. "Life in Rewind" is a fever dream of a slow-simmering soul song - equal parts gospel grace, 1960s R&B spirit, and dreamy reverb - and "White" is a leisurely piece of left-field folk, laced with watercolor streaks of digital noise.

"I'm so inspired by working with such inspiring, creative people," says Jennings. "I've been releasing albums for nearly 25 years, but I haven't done anything like this before. It's very much an active project, too. We're halfway through 'Album Three' already."

Painted Shield 2 Tracklist:

01) Drink The Ocean

02) Alien

03) Til God Turns The Lights On

04) Bird's Nest

05) Fourth of July

06) Dead Man's Dream

07) Life In Rewind

08) Fallin' Out Of The Sky

09) White

10) Full Moon In Daylight

Painted Shield:

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