Oliver Cronin Releases New Single & Video 'I Need You' Featuring Lil XXEL

"I Need You" is a tropical influenced track that continues the dark-pop exploration of his recent material.

By: Sep. 22, 2023
Oliver Cronin Releases New Single & Video 'I Need You' Featuring Lil XXEL

Following the release of "Speed Bump" earlier this year, fast-rising Australian dark-pop artist Oliver Cronin has backed it up by teaming up with Lil XXEL for the captivating "I Need You". Listen HERE.

Written in Los Angeles in late 2022 while he was on a song writing trip, "I Need You" is a tropical influenced track that continues the dark-pop exploration of his recent material. Oliver returned to Los Angeles last month to work on his forthcoming debut album, and to film the accompanying music video with Lil XXEL, which is out now. Watch HERE.

"Me and XXEL made this last November, the very first time we linked up in LA. We wanted to make a song that people could cry to, but also dance to at the same time. The track is about the memories of a past relationship and regretting how things ended up, it's kind of an "I want you back" type song." says Oliver of the song.

"Creating this song with Oliver became an outlet for our emotions. A way to sort of process the depth of our feelings and articulate the magnitude of love we each once had for a person. Each word, each note carries the weight of our longing, echoing the emptiness we feel without them by our side. It's a raw, heartfelt expression of our yearning to rekindle our lost love." says Lil XXEL about collaborating with Oliver.

Oliver Cronin has all ears turned towards him right now after a breakthrough 2022. His debut EP "Beautiful Nightmare" featured "Boys Don't Cry", a standout moment that has amassed over 6 million streams after it resonated with audiences on TikTok. In the process, it reached numerous corner of the globe hitting Spotify's Viral Charts in Germany (#9), Czech Republic (#20), and Austria (#54).

Given how open Cronin's music is, it's perhaps unsurprising that his connection with his fans is strong. With over 210,000 followers on TikTok, he's used his page as a space to make music in front of fans. His mini-EP "For Now" was made up of songs that were literally made from scratch on TikTok. Once again, recent single "Speed Bump" came to life on the platform with Cronin forming the bones of the track on TikTok Live. Now, Cronin is hard at work on a full-length project which he's teasing as a, "big step up sonically," and "I Need You" sets the foundations for what is to come.




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