M.o.M. Releases Free Kid's Album About Emotional Intelligence

M.o.M. Releases Free Kid's Album About Emotional Intelligence

On October 12, American Rapper Princess Superstar will release her new album These Are The Magic Days under the alter ego M.o.M. The new collection is delivered for free as a musical experience for kids and parents to explore emotional intelligence, love and empathy in Princess Superstar's inimitable unique style.

M.o.M. aka Princess Superstar is the cutting edge chart-topping rapper who ironically topped the charts with her hit "Bad Babysitter" back in the day. Her new project These Are The Magic Days is dedicated to nurturing remarkable human beings by teaching them connection, empathy, peaceful parenting and love for themselves and others. When M.o.M. had her child seven years ago, she had a vision to add something special to the world. M.o.M. recently formed a partnership with the non-profit Fractured Atlas to release her album for free to enable it to reach the whole world easily and for free, spreading the message of EQ (emotional intelligence) which she has found so impactful in her own parenting.

When children are allowed their feelings and parented with respect, empathy and compassion, they develop higher EQ- which is proven to be an essential ingredient in powerful leaders (not to mention leading to less emotional problems as adults!). This is a collection of songs and videos to help program a high EQ in kids through a killer aesthetic for families to enjoy together. The style of the album combines children's music with hip hop and electronic music to create engaging tracks that help families be more present and better understand each other.

The album starts off with the energetic "These are the Magic Days" the title track which is a joyous reminder to stay in the present moment and have gratitude for what we have now. The song features the vocals of MUSYCA children's choir (Los Angeles) and M.o.M.'s daughter Siren Ortega. The relatable "Put Down Your iPad, I'll Put Down my Phone" was inspired by M.o.M. noticing that there were too many moments when she was on her iPhone while her kid was on her iPad. It is a humorous song to remind parents and kids to connect as much as possible instead of being on devices. Don't miss the hilarious animated video by Felix Ding. "Running Away" brings a song from the point of view of kids who when angry, want to run away, but are also so dependent on their parents. It is important to support that feeling in children and validate their feelings of wanting independence. Anger can be a scary thing to children, and for adults too! "Momster" brings some levity to when parents get angry and also teaches kids the important fact that even when parents are angry, they still love you. Also features a fabulous animated video by Felix Ding.

Digging deeper, "Feel Your Feelings" is about giving permission to kids (and adults) to feel their feelings- whether it's anger, joy, or sadness rather than suppressing them. Teaching self-love and self-pride is "Shout Out Loud" addressing an important topic with today's impact of social media, where more kids are developing a "compare and despair" attitude about themselves. The funny "The Lullaby" is meant to remind kids and parents that in the end, nothing is as important as the kid- not work, or anything else. The album closes with "Intuition" to help encourage that strong sixth sense that is often overlooked and not taught, and yet could possibly be the most important sense that we have.

These are the Magic Days was produced by chart topping producers Nacey and The Rural and C. Fire da Rambler. The concept was inspired by International Scherick and Grace Courageous, who are pioneers in children's emotional intelligence as well as by Dr. Laura Markham of Aha Parenting. Further encouragement come from Siren Ortega, M.o.M.'s magical 7 year old daughter who inspires her to be a better, more loving and patient person every day. For more about These are the Magic Days visit: www.thesearethemagicdays.org

Concetta Kirschner is an American rapper, DJ, and entrepreneur with over 20 years in the music industry. She launched her first record label 1997 and has produced six albums in her career. Concetta has performed with artists around the world, and was top 10 in the UK and most recently produced music videos with comedian Margaret Cho and Amy Schumer. www.princesssuperstar.com

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