Giuseppe Ottaviani's 'Loneliest Night' ft. Tricia McTeague, Out Now

Giuseppe Ottaviani's  'Loneliest Night' ft. Tricia McTeague, Out Now

Piercing. Fierce. Anthemic. When it comes to lasting music that's thematically soaring, Italian electronic musician Giuseppe Ottaviani has a master's touch. The fourth and latest single from Ottaviani's third full-length studio album, Alma (Black Hole), is titled "Loneliest Night," a full-throated song. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Tricia McTeague's "Loneliest Night" is out now.

As a live performer, Giuseppe Ottaviani is deft at crafting emotionally involved sonic sojourns within the confines of a dancefloor. Bending and manipulating aural frequencies to elicit the desired rapture, he weaves complex layers of sound in ways not easily described. Though he is extremely skilled at evoking fantastic journeys of the mind through music, he is also surprisingly gifted at composing songs with proper vocals, as with this latest effort. "Loneliest Night" is trance, but it's a song nevertheless intended for radio. The single hails from Ottaviani's third and latest full-length studio album, Alma, an LP released in September of last year. Alma consists of brand-new Ottaviani music with a little help from longtime collaborator Paul van Dyk, as well as from Christian Burns and Kyler England. Alma was the result of a two-year artistic journey that saw Ottaviani stretching beyond the ease of his familiar style.

From the get-go, a shimmery melodic synthesizer riff on the intro instantly grabs one's attention. It's simply gorgeous. Then, a series of gentle, harmonic piano chords enter as the bassline builds to a crescendo and the 4/4 beat crests simultaneously with McTeague's vocal. What's striking is the way McTeague hits the high notes inside the chorus. Listeners will fall in love with the repeated harmonious refrain that reappears as a constant throughout the song. There will be four versions of "Loneliest Night" released after the Album Mix: the Extended Mix, Radio Edit, OnAir Mix and Tenishia Remix. The latter two are scheduled for a February 10th release.

Don't call Giuseppe Ottaviani a DJ. He's a musical visionary. While segments of our youth-obsessed culture are distracted by pyrotechnics and confetti blasts, Ottaviani is onstage as a genuine musician actually creating music live and on-the-fly. Ottaviani speaks through music. He communicates with sound the way no words can. He also carries the essence of a live audience into the sacred space of his recording studio, a place where new music is born. Teaming up with established singer Tricia McTeague on his latest effort, Ottaviani tips his hat to more mainstream tastes with the radio-friendly "Loneliest Night." Said Giuseppe Ottaviani, "Tricia and I had such great chemistry in the studio and this song just flowed from the beginning. I've been getting a really positive response when I play it out live at my shows and I hope to share the song with even more people in the coming weeks and months. Hope you enjoy it!"

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