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PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE by KRUPS Brand Ambassador Sam Lewoten

Ready or not, here comes the pumpkin spice craze. It seems that all your favorite coffee shops and cafés are featuring pumpkin flavored drinks. As a treat for our readers, has a make at-home pumpkin spiced latte recipe, courtesy of KRUPS Brand Ambassador, Sam Lewontin. The "Building a Better Pumpkin" recipe is the most delightful one you will find this season.

We asked Sam the secret behind his fantastic recipe. "The secret of the pumpkin-spice latte is that it's not actually about the pumpkin-- it's about the spices commonly associated with pumpkin: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and allspice. Most spice purveyors offer these spices blended together as "pumpkin pie spice"; there's almost certainly a jar in the spice aisle in your local grocery store, if there isn't already one in your pantry. Most commercially available pumpkin-spice lattes use syrups flavored with these spices, making them overwhelmingly sweet, and blotting out the flavor of the coffee itself. Here, I wanted to create a more balanced version, highlighting both the espresso and the delicious warming flavors of the spices."

Building a Better Pumpkin

1 double-shot of espresso

1 generous pinch (~1g., or 1/4tsp.) pumpkin pie spice

1/4oz. simple syrup

6oz. steamed whole milk

Combine espresso, simple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice in an 8oz. mug. Top it with steamed milk, and garnish with a light dusting of pumpkin pie spice.

About Sam Lewontin
Sam Lewontin has worked as a barista since 2001, and currently serves as General Manager behind the bar at Everyman Espresso in New York City, recently featured in Departures Magazine and named #1 Best Coffee Shop in American for 2014 by The Daily Meal. Sam is an experienced barista competitor, most recently winning the 2011 SCAA Northeast Regional Barista Competition, and placing 4th at the 2013 United States Barista Championships. Today, Sam serves as a brand ambassador for KRUPS, the worldwide leader in kitchen appliances with a passion for the best brew.

Watch a video clip of Sam in action here:

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sam Lewontin

Editor's Note: Read our recent piece discussing the wonderful KRUPS Savoy ET351 Coffeemaker at the following link:


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