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Marina's Menu: Guacamole - Versatile and Delicious

The first time I tasted guacamole was in the 1970's in Southern California. The taste was completely new to me. Avocados were not a popular fruit (yes fruit) at the time and were used mostly in Mexican dishes.

In 2012, a record 1.5 billion pounds of avocados were consumed in the United States and the numbers rose in 2013. We are on track to eat even more in 2014. Avocado trees are native to Mexico and Central America. They are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates worldwide. The vast majority of avocado production in the United States is in California.

I am on the same quest as many of our readers to find delicious guacamole when dining out and also have been preparing my own with some new touches and spice blends.

When fresh, ripe avocados are pared, the texture is perfect for blending a variety of interesting flavors into your dip. Here are just a few suggestions to try: crabmeat, bacon, soft nuts like pine nuts or fresh walnuts, dried fruits like cranberries and raisins and herbs and spices like paprika, oregano or mint. With new flavors, you may also wish to depart from the classic tortilla chip and use guacamole with other dippers and as a garnish. Simple combinations are best allowing for the delightful taste and texture of fresh avocados.

There are endless possibilities to garnishing and flavoring your guacamole, so be creative. Whether you choose to take make it Italian style or add a little Asian flavor, avocados prove to be both delicious and versatile.

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