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LURETTA Italian Wines – Discover Traditional and New Expressions

LURETTA Italian Wines

LURETTA Italian Wines – Discover Traditional and New Expressions

Luretta is one of the most innovative wine producers in the Colli Piacentini region of northern Italy that crafts unforgettable selections with a dual nature. The wines are contemporary, sustainably made, and versatile for pairing with your favorite foods. Yet they are also complex and even unconventional, elevating Colli Piacentini's long tradition of creating red, white and sparkling wines that embody elegance and personality. We had the pleasure of sampling a few of the wines by Luretta and want to share some very interesting information for our readers.

For three decades, Luretta has been a leader in Colli Piacentini, a hilly enclave of Emilia-Romagna along the border with Lombardy, where medieval castles dot the landscape and vineyards climb up the slopes of the Ligurian Apennine Mountains. In 2022, Luretta has turned its focus to sharing its wines with the U.S. increasing exports of three of its flagship wines. Each is a distinctive and ambitious expression of both the region and the winery. These three selections are the DOC Gutturnio, a Barbera-dominated red blend, is vinified as a still wine rather than the more common frizzante style of the area; Bocca di Rosa, a monovarietal Malvasia di Candia Aromatica presents the namesake aromas of the grape and terroir in a fresh, balanced white; and Principessa, a brut Chardonnay sparkling wine that is unusual for the region made in the metodo classic which combines refinement and refreshment.

LURETTA Italian Wines – Discover Traditional and New Expressions

Lucio Salamini, age 47, is the second-generation owner of Luretta. He was among the winemakers that catalyzed the renaissance of local wines 30 years ago, helping refine unpretentious wines into something newer and more exciting. Working with winemaker Alberto Faggiani, the longtime enologist at Jermann as well, Salamini approaches winemaking with a master perfumer's touch, emphasizing his wines' verve and grace while preserving the unique, sometimes muscular, taste and character that the Colli Piacentini terroir provides. The resulting wines can equally grace the family or the chef's table

Luretta, founded in 1988 by Felice Salamini, Lucio's father, today produces 300,000 bottles from 123 acres of estate vineyards. Located 16 miles south of Piacenza, on a 800 to 1,650-foot hill, its vineyards surround the evocative medieval Castello di Momeliano, where the winery ages its finest wines.

Coming from a cattle ranching family, Felice and Lucio Salamini have been practicing viticulture inclined toward biological wines since the beginning. They grow and vinify grapes organically, using no synthetic fertilizers, no herbicides, no irrigation and indigenous yeasts during fermentation. More recently, the Salaminis' sustainable philosophy has been applied to the whole production process, with the introduction of solar panels and the abolition of plastic across the estate, as well as the use of screw caps and lighter-weight bottles. The company has achieved Italy's ICEA certification for its sustainable practices since 2000. In Emilia-Romagna, whose international fame was long tied to mass-market Lambrusco, Luretta offers an exciting and ambitious new vision for what the land can achieve.

LURETTA Italian Wines – Discover Traditional and New Expressions

Learn more about specific Luretta wines from Colli Piacentini.


A blend of Barbera and Croatina (the local name is Bonarda, not to be confused with the grape of the same name found in Argentina), Gutturnio is the hallmark wine of Colli Piacentini, its production limited to a small DOC around Piacenza. This wine naturally pairs with local delectables such as prosciutto and other cured meats, as well as homemade stuffed pastas such as tortelli and ravioli.

While Gutturnio is usually vinified as a sparkling wine, Luretta crafts a still version of it, a luminous and vigorous red with balanced acidity and tannins, a long finish and impressive ageability. Aged nine months in oak casks, it showcases scents of blackberries, mint, and cardamom. Juicy yet robust, this is a steely mineral red in the manner of some Piedmont wines.


Bocca di Rosa is made from 100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, a local grape and the most "aromatic" among the 18 Malvasia varieties found in Italy. An intense honeyed yellow color, this wine features vivacious aromas of elderberry, dried lemon peel, acacia and marzipan. It works well as an aperitif but also as a match for risotto.


Principessa is a dry sparkling wine made from 100% Chardonnay in the metodo classico. It has a savory, crisp, refreshing taste, with a bouquet of thyme, elderflower and lemon curd. This a medium-bodied, suave sparkler that works well as an aperitifa??. Try it with finger foods, sushi, and spicy Asian dishes.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Luretta Wines.

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