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HALLOWEEN Wine and Candy Pairings

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HALLOWEEN Wine and Candy Pairings

HALLOWEEN Wine and Candy Pairings

Halloween will definitely look different this year, so we wanted to share some fun Port wine and Halloween candy pairings for our readers. See below for a few pairings that are perfect for the adults at a socially distanced Halloween celebration or a small family gathering.

Snickers x Croft Reserve Tawny Port

Croft Reserve Tawny Port ($19.99) combines the character of an aged tawny with ready-to-drink smoothness and spice. Drawn from a reserve of fine wood Ports which have been aged an average of seven years in seasoned oak casks, the individual wines are then blended, resulting in a complex yet accessible tawny Port that is perfect paired with chocolate and caramel desserts, like a snickers bar!

Dark Chocolate Kit Kats x Fonseca BIN 27

For those who prefer dark chocolate, you're not going to want to miss pairing it with Fonseca BIN 27 ($19.99). BIN 27 shares the heritage and style of the great Fonseca Vintage Ports, as well as much of their depth and character, however it is bottled when ready to drink and can be served by the glass directly from the bottle. With its characteristic rich fruity nose, crammed with pure blackberry and cassis, BIN 27 pairs perfectly with candies like Dark Chocolate Kit Kats, Dark Chocolate Hershey's and Dark Chocolate M&Ms.

Reese's x Taylor Fladgate 10-Year-Old Tawny

Taylor Fladgate 10-Year-Old Tawny ($29.99) offers mellow and elegant flavors, combining aromas of ripe berry fruit with a delicate nuttiness and subtle mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth and silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy flavors, this 10-Year-Old Tawny pairs well with nut flavors, like in a Reese's candy.

Twizzlers x Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Vintage

Late Bottled Vintage Ports are bottled after being aged in large oak vats for 4-6 years. Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Vintage 2015's ($24.99) intense and youthful note combines fresh blackcurrant and strawberry aromas with subtle notes of licorice and spice. The rich yet balanced black fruit flavor pairs well with berry-flavored candies like Twizzlers, Wild Berry Skittles, Wild Berry Lifesaver Gummies, and more.

Candy Corn x Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry

The sweet creaminess of the famous crème Candy Corn kernels pair well with rich but dry white wines, such as Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port ($19.99). The fresh, lively palate and dry finish of this wine pairs well with the sugary candy.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port

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