Denver's Rooster & Lark Is 'The Breakfast Miracle'

Denver's Rooster & Lark Is 'The Breakfast Miracle'

Founded at the 2014 Denver farmers' markets, Rooster & Lark is a game-changing new frozen product now sold in over 600 grocery stores around the country. Rooster & Lark contains all the vegetables for an omelet or scramble; chopped, seasoned and flash frozen. Simply sauté and add your own fresh eggs at home. Each bag is resealable and makes approximately 4 breakfasts; store what you don't use in the freezer and save for another meal.

RoosterNation: We're turning the camera around and founder Aaron Falber is preaching the #BreakfastMiracle directly to the people. Our YouTube channel, podcast and social channels go well beyond the simple cooking video or "meet the founder" videos that you might expect. We blend comedy, satire, behind the scenes, and honest business talk to connect with consumers directly and show them what Rooster & Lark is all about. Rooster & Lark is attempting to use the tools of this generation to capture consumer attention in a way that we have not yet seen.

Why we're different: Social media feeds are flooded with companies promoting their products using pictures of their packaging. Whether the company is just starting at the farmers market or a gigantic national brand, they're all posting pictures of packaging. Additionally, many of these companies, both large and small, spend hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on demos, in-store marketing, and expensive digital agencies. This results in expensive product photography and animation but offers little in terms of an authentic connection with the consumers. Rooster & Lark is bypassing this big food, pay-to-play system and preaching the power of the #BreakfastMiracle directly to the people!

About our products: There are many unique benefits to Rooster & Lark:

-Our vegetables come pre-seasoned.

-Our skillets have no added salt!

-Our skillets have vegetables not often found in the frozen aisle, including avocado, tomato, mushroom, butternut squash, kale, and sweet potato.

-Unlike other frozen vegetables, our vegetables are diced small. This makes them easier to use in recipes (like eggs!).

-All of our skillets are vegetarian and two are vegan. Add tofu or egg substitute instead of fresh eggs to keep it vegan!

-Our skillets can be used with a variety of recipes including quesadillas, burgers, pasta, soups, quiches, casseroles, mac and cheese, meatloaf, and tuna name a few!

-Our skillets have clean ingredients. They're just vegetables and spices; all ingredients you can pronounce!

"This product was born out of need," said founder Aaron Falber. "When living in Bloomington, IN (Go Hoosiers) I was waking up early to workout and start work by 7:30am. Around the same time, I was getting into Crossfit and the paleo diet. I was chopping fresh vegetables every morning to make myself a healthy scramble before heading to the 6am Crossfit class. This soon got old, and I said to myself, 'there has to be a better way!' Little did I know, there wasn't. I went to every grocery store in the area looking for frozen vegetables that would go well with eggs. To my astonishment there were none. All the frozen vegetables were cut in big chunks and consisted of the same steamed stir fry and cheesy broccoli bags I'd come to know and dread."

Families & Kids: Rooster & Lark has a huge following amongst families and kids. Not only do our products make it easy to prepare healthy meals fast, but our fun characters on the bag make them an approachable way to sneak vegetables into kids' diets. Additionally, our products are a great way for little kids to help cook and get them acquainted with the kitchen and vegetables in a manageable way.

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