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COCKTAIL RECIPES for Winter Season

We have collected five fantastic wintertime cocktail recipes from New York area hotspots and top mixologists to share with our readers. Make them at home or drop by the local restaurants and bars to relax and enjoy these drinks.

Baby It's Cold Out'cider

Gather your group. Belle Shoals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has created a cider recipe that is you'll love.


(8 to 10 servings)

-1 Gallon Spiced Cider

-12 oz. Lemon Juice

-4 oz. Honey

-16 oz water

-1 cinnamon Stick

-4 Star Anise

-6 Cloves

-Mellow Corn Whiskey

-Apple Brandy

Instructions: Combine and gently heat all ingredients except for the Whiskey and Brandy and keep covered. Be careful not to let the mixture boil Add a few ounces of water every hour to replace evaporation. Add 0.75 oz Spike Mellow Corn. Add 0.75 oz of Apple Brandy. Stir and Garnish with whole Star Anise.

Belle Shoals is located at 10 Hope Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Visit their website at:

Cranberry Cinnamon Mulled Wine

Celebrity Caterer Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs serves NYC and the Tristate Area. She has concocted Cranberry Cinnamon Mulled Wine. It's the ultimate hot cocktail for nights when you feel like curling up on your couch or entertaining friends and family.


(serving for 4 to 6)

-1½ cups cranberry juice cocktail

-1½ cups sugar

-2 to 4 cinnamon sticks

-2-3 pieces star anise

-3 to 4 cups of any dry red wine

-½ cup of fresh cranberries

Instructions: In a saucepan, combine the cranberry juice cocktail, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and star anise. Simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add in the wine and cranberries and bring back to a simmer. Serve warm.

For more information on Elegant Affairs, visit:

The Latte Latte Irish Coffee

The Late Late, the popular Irish pub and restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan shares a great Irish Coffee recipe.


(1 serving)

-1 oz Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey

-0.5 oz Ilegal Mezcal Joven

-0.5 oz Espresso Liqueur

-Hot Coffee

-Heavy Whipping Cream


Instructions: Measure and pour the whiskey, mezcal and espresso liqueur into a mug and top until full with hot coffee and stir. Spoon heavy whipping cream over the top of the drink and sprinkle with nutmeg.

The Late Late is located at 159 East Houston Street in New York City. Visit:

Kiss Me Cocktail

Jim Beam, America's favorite bourbon shares a recipe that is ideal for Valentine's Day.


(one serving)

-1 part Jim Beam Black

-1/2 part Strawberry Schnapps Liqueur

-1 part Passion Fruit Juice

-Sparkling wine

-Lemon Peel

Instructions: Shake all but sparkling wine with ice and strain into a chilled champagne flute then top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon peel, or place a strawberry on the rim.

For more information on Jim Beam, visit:

Hot and Bothered

Mundo at the Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City has a recipe that is sure to keep you warm on a cold night.


(one serving)

-1.5 oz. Whiskey

-3 oz. Apple Cider

-Pinch of cinnamon

-2 cloves

-Drizzle of demerara syrup


Let cloves and cinnamon simmer in apple cider for 5-10 minutes. Pour 3 oz. Apple cider and 1.5 oz. whiskey of choice into your favorite mug. Drizzle demerara syrup on top

Mundo is located at 37-06 36th Street, Long Island City, NY. For more information, visit:

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elegant Affairs

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