Richard Kornberg & Associates Announce January Dance Listings

Richard_Kornberg_Associates_Announce_This_Weeks_Dance_Listings_20010101Richard Kornberg & Associates announces this week's dance listings (beginning January 3rd).

Armitage Gone! Dance

Burkina Electric

A Salon with excerpts from post-modern ballet Itutu. From Picasso to today, Africa aesthetics are everywhere. Share a glass of wine with Choreographer Karole Armitage, Dance Theatre of Harlem's Artistic Director Virginia Johnson and composer Lukas Ligeti as they discuss the influences of Africa in ballet, music and design. Itutu is "a sexy, richly layered hit" (NY Times). Created and performed in collaboration with Lukus Ligeti and Burkina Electric, the score mixes African pop, Western club electronica and the ancient rhythms of Burkinabé.

Abrons Art Center (Henry Street Settlement, 466 Grand Street)

Performance Times
January 10, 2010 8pm

Tickets are available by calling (212) 352-3101 or visiting

The Joyce Theater


Acclaimed Argentinean dancer and choreographer Yanina Fajar - whose work was last seen at The Joyce in the 2007 sold-out production entitled Tango Fire - returns to New York City to heat things up for the start of 2011 with Tango Inferno, featuring some of the finest and most exquisite tango dancers performing today. Tracing the evolution of tango from its origins in Buenos Aires' red-light district to today's dance halls and ballrooms, Tango Inferno embodies the excitement and heated passion of this spirited Argentine art form. The company's ten brilliant dancers are accompanied by the live music of Quatrotango, the world renowned tango band created by Gabriel Clenar and Hugo Satorre.

The Joyce Theater 175 Eighth Avenue at 19th Street.

Performance Times
January 11 - 23, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday at 7:30pm, Thursday & Friday at 8:00pm, Saturday at 2:00pm & 8:00pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm & 7:30pm.

There will be a free post-performance "Dance Chat" dialogue following the Wednesday, January 12 performance. ($44 for Joyce Theater members) and can be arranged through JoyceCharge at 212-242-0800 or via the internet at


Tickets range from $10 - $69 ($44 for Joyce Theater members) and can be arranged through JoyceCharge at 212-242-0800 or via the internet at

Single tickets are from $20 except where otherwise noted, $15 for students / seniors.

Tickets are available via and by calling TheaterMania at 212-352-3101 and at the Box Office, located at 150 First Avenue at East 9th Street (open from 4PM to curtain on performance-days).

The BodyCartography Project
Downstairs of PS122
150 First Avenue at East 9th Street
Fri, Jan 7 5PM / Sat, Jan 8 5PM / Sun, Jan 9 4:30PM / Mon, Jan 10 6:30PM

Join "twins", dancer Otto Ramstad and visual artist Emmett Ramstad, as they examine the human body, investigate notions of social bodies versus biological bodies, and explore the gaps between seeing, knowing and empathy. Symptom inspects the slippage between subjective and objective understandings of the human body, where a symptom acts as an indicator, trait, feature, mark or sign that is open for interpretation. Sound composed by electro-acoustic instrumentalist Andrea Parkins. Co-created by Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad. Composer Andrea Parkins. Researcher and theorist Aren Aizura. Performed by Otto Ramstad and Emmett Ramstad.

Since 1998 the BodyCartography Project's co-directors Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad have created numerous dance, film and installation works. Their work extends from intimate solos for the street or stage, to large community dance works in train stations, dance films in national parks, to highly complex works for site or stage amidst installations, video and sound. Their work has been produced across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Russia and South America. Recent highlights include a commission for the Lyon Opera Ballet and the premiere of their work 1/2 Life with a physicist, composer Zeena Parkins and visual artist Emmett Ramstad at Performance Space 122, NYC, the Southern Theater and Art of This Gallery in Minneapolis. They are featured artists in the first book about site dance in the USA published by University of Florida Press titled Site Dance: Choreographers and the Lure of Alternative Spaces and 2010 McKnight Fellows.

Jack Ferver
Rumble Ghost

Upstairs of PS122
150 First Avenue at East 9th Street
Fri, Jan 7 10PM / Sat, Jan 8 7:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 7:30PM

Horror movies will never be as terrifying and shocking as the human psyche. They act as metaphors - scary stories that offer a release or escape from the more devastating twists and turns of an unquiet mind. Without ghosts to explain haunted houses, we are left with the painful sites of crumbling careers, failing marriages, and abused children. In Rumble Ghost, as the flimsy membrane between an American horror movie classic and the fragility of the human condition deteriorates, the darkest place in the world is shown to be right up there-in your mind.

Amanda Loulaki & Short Mean Lady
I Am Saying Goodnight

Upstairs of PS122
150 First Avenue at East 9th Street
Fri, Jan 7 5PM / Sat, Jan 8 5PM / Tue, Jan 11 7:30PM

"She is certainly intense, and she is certainly talented." - John Rockwell, The New York Times

Every night I AM SAYING GOODNIGHT only to wake up in the morning longing for the smell of coffee and start all over again until exhausted I AM SAYING GOODNIGHT only to wake up in the morning longing for the smell of coffee. A pre-decided game, with an intense physical vocabulary, unfiltered emotions, and an unflinching embrace of fatalism.

Ishmael Houston-Jones, Chris Cochrane & Dennis Cooper


At Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand Street at Pitt Street)

Sat, Jan 8 5PM / Sun, Jan 9 7PM / Mon, Jan 10 4PM

THEM is an intensely physical interdisciplinary work that presents an unblinking look into the lives of young (gay) men and how they interact with one another. Conceived and directed by Ishmael Houston-Jones THEM features provocative texts by Dennis Cooper and a cacophonous live electric guitar score by Chris Cochrane. Houston-Jones' choreography, while rooted in improvisation, develops the themes of connections that never quite happen, grappling and wrestling that seem inconsequential and ineffective, and support that disappears.

THEM sparked controversy and almost got PS 122 shut down when it originally premiered in 1986. This contemporary reconstruction of THEm Looks back to its "aggressive and vital" (Village Voice, Supree) roots to present a portrait of the young (gay) men of today.

Through a reconstruction residency at The New Museum, the three creators recast THEM with a new generation of male performers and re-premiered the piece as part of PS 122's 30th Anniversary Season. 2010 Cast: Joey Cannizzaro, Felix Cruz, Jeremy Pheiffer, Niall Noel, Jacob Slominski, Arturo Vidich, Enrico D. Wey

The Painted Bird | Bastard

At BAC (450 West 37th Street) and at Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand St. at Pitt St.)

At BAC: Sun, Jan 9 4PM

At ABRONS ARTS CENTER: Wed, Jan 12 at 4PM / Thu, Jan 13 6PM / Fri, Jan 14 6PM

"A vivid, often anguished imagination shines through in [Zustiak's] work..." - The New Yorker

In Bastard, Pavel Zuštiak, in collaboration with composer Christian Frederickson and award-winning Slovak dancer Jaro Vi?arský, tackles the themes of displacement, otherness and transformation. The first installment of his trilogy "The Painted Bird", the piece is loosely inspired by Jerzy Kosinski's controversial novel of the same name. Zuštiak draws upon the book's signature scene-a wandering boy witnessing the painting of a bird into brilliant colors causing it later to be violently killed by its own flock-to create a new work that transforms the internal landscape of agony and misrecognition into a collective remembrance.

"The Painted Bird" is a trilogy - Bastard is Part 1 and premiered at LaMama in the fall of 2010. Parts 2 & 3 are to be presented by Baryshnikov Arts Center and Performance Space 122 respectively.

Pavel Zuštiak is a 2010 John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 2009 Princess Grace Foundation Residency Award- and 2007 Princess Grace Award-winner for Choreography. He is the Artistic Director of Palissimo Company, founded and based in New York City since 2004.

Brian Rogers
Selective Memory

At The Chocolate Factory (549 49th Avenue, Long Island City)
Sat, Jan 8 8PM / Sat, Jan 8 10PM / Sun, Jan 9 2PM / Mon, Jan 10 8:30PM / Tue, Jan 11 8PM

Conceived, directed and choreographed by Brian Rogers in collaboration with Madeline Best, Selective Memory is a real time video performance about nostalgia for relationships that never took place; events that never happened; a film never made, but which everyone remembers; and the exploitation of the misappropriation of "real" sounds and images that confound, distort, remake and ultimately erase the truth.

Inside a claustrophobic "film set" comprised of computer-controlled moving cameras, a shapeless dioramic background, embedded monitors and microphones, a single performer will establish a hyper-intimate relationship with the cameras; and a simultaneously elusive/remote relationship with the live audience. Using simple cinematic techniques-extreme close-ups, slow pans, jump cuts, and tiny movements all executed in real time-the performer cycles through a series of meticulously choreographed gestures in tandem with composed "shots" designed not to construct a narrative but rather to suggest an endless number of possible narratives, creating an enormous blank space in which the spectator will imagine characters, relationships, conflicts and emotions that are never literally present. Through the gradual repetition and manipulation of images, the "literal" materials of cinema-locations, backgrounds, sets, establishing shots, etc.-will be discarded.