New 310-Page 'Trump Impeachment Guide' Book Being Published

New 310-Page 'Trump Impeachment Guide' Book Being Published The "Trump Impeachment Guide," a new 312 page look at everything Trump has done since being inaugurated, details on the whole cast of characters around him and the posses chasing after him, the complete Russia timeline, criminal activities, a life time of money laundering, other illegalities, 7 major ways to get Trump out of the White House and much more, has been released by Celebrate Radio/Broadcast News Channel and Streetcats Foundation. Author of the book is Don Fass, veteran journalist and radio anchor who authored the pre-election encyclopedia of Trump, "The Huge Little Book of Trump." The Impeachment Guide is being published September 14.

"The Huge Little Book of Trump" is available on Amazon as both an ebook and softcover. The "Trump Impeachment Guide" is available for $7.99 as a download or $18.99 as a softcover with a donation in those amounts at and a week later on Amazon.