Arthur Miller: 1962-2005 - by Christopher Bigsby

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Arthur Miller: 1962-2005 by Christopher Bigsby Buy Arthur Miller: 1962-2005 on Amazon

This masterful biography sheds new light on one of the 20th-century’s most acclaimed literary figures. Arthur Miller’s prize-winning plays, including Death of a Salesman, A View from the Bridge, and The Crucible brought him an international and enduring following. While the first half of his life was marked by events such as his refusal to provide information to the House Un-American Activities Committee and his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, the second half proved no less fascinating. In 1962, Monroe died, and he married photographer Inge Morath, a relationship that transformed him as a writer and as a person. His activism in support of political and social causes only increased during the period, including criticism of U.S. foreign policy from the Vietnam war to contemporary conflicts in the Middle East. He was also renowned for his work in support of dissident writers in Russia, Czechoslovakia, China, and elsewhere.

The second volume of this magisterial biography offers a compelling narrative of a singular American life, a life story enriched by its author’s uncommon access to his subject. Christopher Bigsby, a professor of American Studies and Drama at the University of East Anglia, had frequent access to Miller and his unpublished papers while researching this book. The result is an authoritative biography that provides illuminating detail and invaluable insights into the Miller the artist and Miller the man.

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Arthur Miller: 1962-2005 on Hardcover

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

Released: 2011

Buy Arthur Miller: 1962-2005 on Amazon



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