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The Divine Narcissus at Rogge Ranch House


6/20/2019 - 6/30/2019


Rogge Ranch House

3506 Rogge Lane
Austin,TX 78723

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Phone: 512-686-6621

The Divine Narcissus in Austin

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paper chairs excitedly announces, The Divine Narcissus, a bold new adaptation of Sor Juana Ins de la Cruzs, El Narciso Divino, reimagined by Austin playwright and paper chairs co-founder Elizabeth Doss. Join us at Rogge Ranch House June 20th- 30th, 2019 as paper chairs explores Sor Juanas uncanny allegory that blends Greek myth and the bible into a new world wherein canonical narratives are deconstructed and reimagined to create an immersive and wholly original theatrical experience.The Divine Narcissus depicts a pageant put on by Paganism and The Church wherein a shepherdess in distress, Human Nature searches for her long lost love The Divine Narcissus who is a combination of Jesus (the one whos resurrected) and Narcissus (the one who died and became a flower because he loved himself so much.) But Human Nature is not alone in her search for him. Echo (the beautiful nymph Narcissus dumped and who wasted away until only her voice remained), and who is also playing Lucifer (the fallen angel) is also hot on The Divine Narcissuss heels. Who will get to him first? All together, these doubled cast archetypes create a most entangled love triangle that probes at the very nature of, well, Human Nature. Sor Juana wrote during 1600s in Mexico and her poetry was well-known throughout Spain. She is often called by scholars, the new worlds first feminist as she passionately advocated womens education. And since her civilization denied her these basic freedoms, she lived as a nun and educated herself by studying in secret. As an autodidactic, she learned to interpret history and literature on her own terms. Paper chairs production promises to honor Sor Juanas authenticity and create an exceptionally atypical night at the theatre.The Divine Narcissus Original text: Sor Juana Ins de la CruzAdaptation: Elizabeth Doss Co-directors: Elizabeth Doss and Lisa Laratta Performers: Vincent Tomasino, Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw, Cassandra Reveles, Paige Tautz, Kate Taylor and Travis TateLighting Design: Rachel Atkinson Set Design: Lisa Laratta Costume Design: Paige TautzCo-Producers: Elizabeth Doss and Lisa Laratta 8 performances only! Running June 20th-30th Thursday- Sunday at 8:30pm at the Rogge House Ranch 3506 Rogge Lane Austin, Texas 78723

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