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Student Blog: Peace Out Second Year!


It has been a rollercoaster; chaotic and fun!

Student Blog: Peace Out Second Year!

I know the year isn't over yet, but academics are ending, with just a couple of days left for submissions. I wrap up the year around your Thanksgiving time, I believe. Since the past 324 days (607 days in lockdown, 20/11) have been a mentally, emotionally and physically draining year; second year in a pandemic and all here is a little life update, that nobody asked for :)

I am no longer part of my residence's house committee, thank the pope.

Just finished my second-year final exams!

One more year to go!

I still do not know what I am going to do after university, oops.

I have a little bit over two months to just relax.

We will probably be going back to full in-person, next year. Which means in-person exams... I can feel the tension and anxiety already.

I am so invested in my novel that I am writing, you won't even believe it. There is basically no plot at the moment but the characters and the world are essentially writing its own story, which is so aoe?magicalaoe?

Since, I pour my heart and soul out on here all the time I thought that a little 2021 REWIND would be fun to do.

Started the year off strong getting on the Dean's list of academic merit. Getting three out of four distinctions and an average of 76,5%


Applied for house comm with my friends. Got into house comm. Planned o-week for the first years, made new friends.

Then there was academics, non-stop messages asking for help, three protests, becoming acting senior student during a protest. Started actually building my novel. Got my Pfizer vaccinations.

I turned 20, wow twenty and single since the womb - whoot whoot.

That is about it. Isn't that sad. My year has been work, assistance and extra work.

Now, I'm depressed at how much I have accomplished this year. Like I always say I was born to be a clown because my life is a joke. But it's fine, I accept that I am a panda (jesters of nature) and shall thrive as a panda.

Honestly, we all move at different paces and it's really difficult to achieve things when you know what you want to do but don't at the same time while knowing that you want to do something and not knowing how to do it. Loving life.

I feel like I am a fifteen-year-old that got thrown into the adult world, while still living with my parents. No one can prepare you for life. Which is fine but I wish there were people that could be like "Oh you want to do that, you should check out this place or this place". I kind of wish that someone would just tell me what I am going to be and how I should do it because man oh man, am I lost.

I want to be a storyteller, that's what I have known since I was a child.

But how do I make the money pursue that dream. I need a job.

Anyways, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Here is to the most emotional, chaotic and hectic year yet. Cheers Second Year!

Let's hope we pass.

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