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LISTEN: Jackie Burns Chats With the Podcast BREAK A BAT!

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LISTEN: Jackie Burns Chats With the Podcast BREAK A BAT!

Jackie Burns steps into the Batter's Box for Episode 32 of the Broadway Podcast Network's Baseball meets Broadway crossover podcast BREAK A BAT!

Listen to the episode here!

Burns offered the show's creators Al Malafronte and Chris Katzmann, as well as producer Alan Seales, some insight on her life in quarantine, a recovery path for Broadway upon its return, as well as some stories behind what it was like getting to play her dream role of Elphaba for as long as she did. Her tenure in the role was not without some hilarious behind the scenes stories, including what's known as the Emerald City's "No-Fly Days." Burns has kept her voice in excellent shape even during quarantine, and is on fully display in this episode's musical break, as she performed a favorite of Ozians alongside the boys.

Burns is also a die-hard sports fan with an athletic background of her own as a former softball pitcher, which led the boys to incorporate some fun Baseball/Broadway crossover games, and even chatted about what would make a successful Broadway musical featuring the New York Yankees' fan favorite: Aroldis Chapman - the team's 'theatrical' 6-time All-Star and flame-throwing closer.

Jackie's phenomenal career on Broadway now spans more than a decade, with credits including Wicked, Hair, and If/Then, and she's also set to star in a stage adaptation of A Walk on the Moon next season. Jackie holds the distinction of being the longest-tenured Elphaba in the storied Wicked franchise, playing the role in two separate stints on Broadway, as well as on tour --- the baseball equivalent of "pulling an Andy Pettitte."

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