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Horse Trade Sets 10th Annual FRIGID Festival Lineup


FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade will present the 10th Annual FRIGID Festival at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery) andUNDER St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue A), February 15-March 6. Founded in 2007, FRIGID New York is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in a venue that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of theatre on the fringe of the mainstream, 100% of box office proceeds will go directly to the artists. FRIGID is here to chill out the New York independent theatre scene's ideas of what a theatre festival can be!

Individual show performance schedules and venues will be announced in January 2016. Tickets will go on sale January 15th.

2016 FRIGID New York shows

A Broad Abroad!

Written by Eric Kornfeld & D'yan Forest, Performed by D'yan Forest - New York, NY

Directed by Eric Kornfeld

Classy comedic "femme fatale" with an international flair takes you on her 80-year journey around the world through songs (French, Italian, English), humorous vignettes, with her piano & ukulele. Her unusual escapades and sexcapades will hold your attention since you won't know what to expect next.


Presented by CMC Theatrical - New York, NY

Written & Performed by Julia Sun

Directed by Christine Renee Miller

How much bullsh*t can a girl put up with just to have nice things to wear? Come and listen to her stories told in a heartbreakingly hilarious way: between amateur modeling gigs and mail-in beauty pageant, what could possibly go wrong?

All is Fine in Sunny Florida!

Presented by Hub Theatricals - New York, NY

Written by Mark Levy

Florida is a messed up place with lots of crazy horrible things happening everyday. All is Fine in Sunny Florida! is a series of short plays (written by a Floridian) all about these TRUE STORIES....yes 98 percent of those play is completely true. Either from Florida Man twitter, real news stories or happened to the author.

The BYU/Berkeley Plot

Presented by Inquisitive Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT

Written by Ben Abbott

Brigham Young University and UC Berkeley couldn't be more different. They're the crispy ends of the higher education banana, and Ben Abbott went to both. But while trading Book of Mormon classes for angry protest rallies, he may have stumbled upon a shocking conspiracy linking the two! (Spoiler: It's aliens.)


Presented by Playpen Theatre - New York, NY

Created & Performed by Alex Curis

CHALK is a hilarious and unexpected one-man show guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. CHALK invites audiences into a hand-drawn world where imagination is made real and anything can happen. Charlie Chaplin meets Harold and the Purple Crayon in this romantic romp sure to Draw You In.


Written & Performed by David Mogolov - Boston, MA

Directed by Steve Kleinedler

When David is struck overnight by a mystery illness, a doctor orders him to relax: something he's never -- ever -- been able to do. In a zigzagging monologue, David attempts to conquer his debilitating tension and dives into a farce that audiences will find at turns familiar, funny, and delightfully weird.

Conversations with Body Language

Presented by The New Movement - New Orleans, LA

Written & Performed by Mike Spara

Conversations with Body Language is wordless solo sketch comedy. Started as a loving update to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Mike Spara combines silent film sensibility, modern music and absurdity into a mix-tape for your imagination. Mike is also a co-founder of The New Movement New Orleans.

CSI: Mayberry - An Unauthorized Parody

Presented by Sour Grapes Productions - Brooklyn, NY

Written & Directed by Genny Yosco

In this farcical mash-up of? CSI: Miami? and T?he Andy Griffith Show, ?we find a gruesome string of murders happening in Mayberry. It's up to Andy and Barney to find out who the killer is from a list of familiar faces: Is it Aunt Bee? Floyd the Barber? Or someone else...?

Dandy Darkly's Trigger Happy!

Written & Performed by Dandy Darkly - Brooklyn, NY

Directed by Ian Bjorklund

NYC's "decidedly wicked storyteller" (New York Times) returns to the FRIGID Festival with his latest tales to eviscerate the American Dream - exposing obsessions on guns, fear and our relentless pursuit of happiness. A resonant new voice of contemporary cabaret, brazenly bizarre and fearlessly foppish. Set expectation aside and see why critics the world over swoon for Dandy Darkly.

Don't Move to Toronto

Presented by Fresh Hell - Toronto, Ontario

Written & Performed by Zoe Daniels, Dramaturgy by Mikaela Dyke

In 2012, Zoe Daniels lived a charmed life in Montreal. By 2014 she'd been dumped, evicted, fired, threatened, and bankrupted. Using the worst possible iTunes playlist and her years of experience as a stand-up comedian and storyteller, she presents the brutally hilarious tale of perfect happiness ruined by simply moving to Toronto.

Eighth Grade

Written & Performed by Nisse Greenberg - New York, NY

Eighth Grade is the origin story of Nisse Greenberg's neurosis. It's funny in the way that losing your optimism is always a little funny. Using projections of found images and his eighth grade yearbook, Nisse shows us what it's like inside his mind: a place no one asked to go.

Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator

Presented by PowerOut - New York, NY

Written by Todd Brian Backus, Directed by Ben Ferber

In this historical romp, Emily Dickinson, New England's premiere paranormal investigator, is reunited with her mentor, Edgar Allan Poe. They venture to Brooklyn on the trail of a horrifying new adversary. Along the way they encounter ghosts, witches, and the mysterious Fox Sisters.

The Extraordinary Fall of the Four-Legged Woman

Presented by Flights of Fantasy: East - Brooklyn, NY

Written by Lily Ali-Oshatz, Directed by Madeline Wall

Step right up and witness a fantastical circus sideshow! In the dusty desert of Arizona, Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman, meets her match. This experimental musical reveals the wonders of performing and navigates what it means to be "other."

The Golden Smile

Written by Yaakov Bressler - New York, NY

Directed by Joey Stamp, Music by Zach Stamp

While struggling to write a play, five mental patients battle personal demons and theatrical creativity through vulgarity, sarcasm, and song.

The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn

Presented by Nefarious Laboratory - New York, NY

Written & Performed by Brad Lawrence, Directed by Cyndi Freeman

The show is the true story of how Brad Lawrence survived a childhood at the center of the Reagan Eighties, the rise of the moral majority and meth amphetamine, the terrors of sex and the nuclear bomb, and his guest role in a sibling's suicide by escaping into pop culture.

Help me out here

Presented by No Dominion Theatre Co. - Montclair, NJ

Written & Performed by Michael Joel and Kaitlin Overton

As one assembles an IKEA chair, another determines the meaning of their existence. Devised from journals, emails, and drunken iPhone notes, Help me out here is written and performed by Michael Joel and Kaitlin Overton. Bring a screwdriver...and a Xanax.

Lil' Women: A Rap Musical

Presented by Lil Theatre Company - Orlando, FL

Come join the March sisters as they spit rhymes, drop sick beats, and kick it old schoolhouse! Original debuted in at the Orlando Fringe in 2012; Lil' Women: A Rap Musical combines the classic story Little Women with hip-hop music.

The Murder at Ginger Creek: An Interactive Murder Mystery

Presented by Panto-WHAT?! Theater Company - Brooklyn, NY

Written & Directed by Michael Curtain and Ruthie Scarpino

Welcome to Ginger Creek, where curious characters and perplexing events are the norm. Join Hank O' Hara and Sally Silver Gunz, as they run from the law, stumble over clues and suffer from amnesia. Their lives depend on you, as they attempt to solve a murder and prove their innocence.

Outskirts of Eden

Presented by Jodi Productions - Farmingdale, NY

Adapted by Eva Dolan from Edward LeComte's novel I Eve, Directed by Joy Kaczmarek

From an Eden magical, menacing and alive with human feeling, we enter very the mind of Eve. Centuries later Adam is dead, Eve is pissed and good and evil are on the tongues of the tasters. Live musical accompaniment.

Peach Fuzzy

Written & Performed by Mark Pagán - New York, NY

What happens when a boy wakes up to find out that puberty has turned his body into a mustache? Mark Pagán presents the only coming-of-age story involving mysterious stubble patches, etiquette tutorials, Teddy Pendergrass, treasure trails, Russian lasers, fake cancer scares, clandestine salon visits, and wax. Lots of wax

Punk Grandpa

Presented by Glitter Candy - Normal, IL

Written & Performed by Laura Scruggs, Directed by Janie Martinez

Punk Grandpa is about one magical weekend Laura spent with her grandpa at 5 3/4 years old, portrayed through storytelling, dance, music and vintage family movies and photos. Grandpa was the free-est, most inappropriate person Laura ever knew and this show demonstrates how he set Laura free to be herself through his humor and unpredictable, wild ways. It'll put hair on your chest.

Rotten Apple

Written & Performed by Matthew K. Sears and Amanda Nicastro - New York, NY

A woman raised by pigeons, an author famous only on NPR, and a devil worshipping cable company all know how to make it in the big city. Do you? Once you do, you may be too damaged to make it anywhere else...

Set Yet in Motion

Written by Alaina Hammond, Directed by Sarah M. Chichester - New York, NY

In Set Yet in Motion, the ancient Greeks contend with the Judeo-Christian God. Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche address the intellectual and romantic tension between them. Also, there's onstage sex!* (*Verbal, metaphorical. Some would say that's the sexiest kind of sex.) A good time will be had by philosophers, artists, and geeks from all walks of life.

Seven Fragments

Presented by Brain Melt Consortium - New York, NY

Written & Directed by Rachel Kerry

If falling in love could affect the fabric of reality, then a broken heart would shatter it into fragments. Merging theatre, experimental dance, animation, and a dark jazz score, Seven Fragments is a tale of unrequited love, lost memories, and high school.

So Amazing

Written & Performed by Diana Brown - Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

HBO's Going Clear meets Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in this one-woman comedy that takes you along for the ride as main character, Diana, gets into and out of a cult. Based on a true story, Diana's family does everything they can to rescue her as the cult holds firm control.

Sprucehaven B

Presented by Rising Sun Performance Company - New York, NY

Written by Mark Cornell, Directed by Akia Squitieri

The award winning, critically acclaimed Rising Sun Performance Company returns to FRIGID with a tale of heartbreak, madness, and horror. Isabel's world is forever altered over the course of two nights separated by decades in a desolate Maine cabin. If only she could hear three little words...

Supershock Vs. Faust

Presented by Supershock - Torino, Italy

Written by Paolo Cipriano

During the screening of the silent movie "FAUST" by Murnau (1926), the rock musician Supershock performs live music composed to interact with the images. The public experiences the atmosphere of silent cinema, but everything is repeated according to today's standards and the classic orchestra becomes rock music, who gives a fresh and modern voice. A show of contamination. A representation of modernity.

Thank You For Waiting

Written by Kesey Brown & Marc J. Franklin - New York, NY

Directed by Nicholas Foster

Kate and Eddie, two estranged friends, unexpectedly meet in a therapist's waiting room after a year apart. As they confront a shared trauma, a delicate dance begins between who they were, and who they have become. Thank You For Waiting explores mental health, loss, and the dynamic nature of friendship.

Why So Much Shame?

Written & Performed by Nicole Ferraro - New York, NY

Directed by Sara Peters

Nicole was six when her dad died. But she kept trying to get his attention in hopes he'd come back. WHY SO MUCH SHAME? uses vivid storytelling to explore a child's unspoken grief, a woman's confrontation with the truth, and the powerful things that happen when we stop pretending.


Presented by Keep It Movin' Productions - New York, NY

Written & Performed by Una Aya Osato

WITH YOU! is a queer sports rom-com about a college rugby team's love for the game and each other, brought to the stage via one woman's body. The newest semi-autobiographical comedy from award-winning performer/playwright Una Aya Osato.

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