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Colfer Comments On Monteith Tragedy & GLEE S5

Colfer Comments On Monteith Tragedy & GLEE S5Popular GLEE star and 2011 Emmy Award winner Chris Colfer discusses the recent death of his co-star Cory Monteith as well as how the cast and crew is coping onset of the hit FOX musical dramedy series in a new interview.

With much of the cast and crew having already started shooting Season Five of the hit series earlier this week, Colfer gave a radio interview in New York in promotion of his book THE ENCHANTRESS RETURNS and spoke about Monteith's passing and discussed his intention to arrive onset shortly following this brief promotional tour.

Insofar as going back to the set and the atmosphere he anticipates following the tragic recent events involving Monteith's overdose and death, Colfer says, "I don't know. My honest answer is I just don't know - I know they are starting today, filming the next season; and, I come in later in the week, so I don't know."

"We've had bumps and, you know, dips along the road over the course of the years, but nothing like this," Colfer asserts.

"But, I know we've always come together - always - because we are such a family; the cast and crew," Colfer says of the close-knit GLEE group.

Colfer concludes, "I am assuming things will be very different - and, I'm sure they will be difficult at first. But, I don't know - we'll see."

He also says he intends to stay "positive" in the face of the sad situation while onset.

Also, what about Colfer's character of Kurt Hummel in Season Five? Any updates? "We have the first episode, but, I think because of the situation they are re-arranging and switching storylines, so we will see," Colfer says of the creative strains resulting from the recent event.

Check out the original story on the matter here.

So, evidently, things are apparently still a bit up in the air, as can be expected, but we can rest assured GLEE is on its way back to our TV screens soon and that is certainly something to be more than merely glee-ful about, right?

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