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BWW College Guide - Everything You Need to Know About California Institute of the Arts in 2019/2020

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Nov. 7, 2019  

BWW College Guide - Everything You Need to Know About California Institute of the Arts in 2019/2020

With college theatre program auditions just around the corner, we're highlighting some of the most prestigious theatre programs from all across the United States to give you insight into what to expect from their programs, from audition advice to real world experience and more. Today we're chatting with faculty from the California Institute of the Arts' School of Theater about its professional performance opportunities and support of original student plays and experimental projects. Check out info on the school and answers about their programs below!

Dedicated to the development of new voices and new forms, CalArts is one of the preeminent theater training grounds in the country, designed to educate the whole person and to prepare fully equipped theater artists to transform the field. Each unique Program gives students the flexibility, skills and critical thinking tools to navigate a rapidly changing field and to pursue their professional goals with maximum agency. Theater students are especially encouraged to build professional experiences and relationships while in school, mining every opportunity for them to create effective careers after graduation.

What is the audition process for performing arts majors?

After completing the online application, prospective students will register for an in-person audition with faculty. Auditions consist of two monologues, one Shakespeare and one contemporary, each up to two minutes in length. Faculty may work with students in the room, or ask them to perform a third (backup) monologue onsite. There are no formal callbacks or pre-screen process.

What tips can you offer to auditioning students?

Remember that the pieces you select to audition with are an indication of your taste and the type of work you want to explore. Choose audition pieces with which you connect, not just those which showcase your technical proficiency.

What is the approximate average class size within an arts major?


Any notable alumni you would like to mention?

Alison Brie, Don Cheadle, ELIZA COUPE, Michael Cudlitz, Emilio Garcia-Sanchez, Nataki Garrett, Dana Gourier, Ed Harris, David Hasselhoff, Bill Irwin, Condola Rashad, Diona Reasonover, Paul Reubens, Katey Sagal, Cecily Strong, Olivia Sandoval, Sonny Valicenti, Bresha Webb, Deborah Joy Winans

Do you see more students interested in working on stage or off?

We have a healthy mix of students working professionally in both arenas. CalArts prepares students for the demands of a professional acting career across a variety of forms and media.

What kind of real world experience outside of the classroom do you offer students during their program?

The CalArts Center for New Performance, the professional producing arm of CalArts, provides students with professional performance opportunities in collaboration with faculty, alumni, and exemplary artists from around the world.

What kinds of things does your school do for students to help them succeed after graduation?

In addition to our NY and LA showcases, we include a variety of curriculum and opportunities geared toward professional development. This includes such classes as Audition Practicum and Entrepreneurship, curricular internships with Walt Disney Imagineering, and connections with the greater CalArts community - all of which are focused on helping students understand and apply their artistic skills to build a sustainable career.

How do you keep your program as relevant as possible to the current industry trends and how have you modernized it in recent years?

CalArts is home to an incredible faculty of working artists, actively performing and creating exciting, original work around the world. They bring the most current practices - balancing theater traditions from around the world with daring experimentation. CalArts routinely engages guest artists as instructors, lecturers, and collaborators to develop projects in residence with our students, and developing life-long professional relationships. The School of Theater also features programs exploring the integration of emerging technologies across the live performance spectrum, allowing students the opportunity to work with cutting edge design. CalArts Center for New Performance connects current students with professional opportunities locally, nationally, and around the world.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your school and its programs?

Our program strongly supports the creation of original student plays, experimental projects, and media - providing mentorship and resources along the way. CalArts brings original student projects to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival each summer - one of the most robust performance festivals in the world. We value students seeking to become citizen artists, storytellers looking to impact their artistic communities and grow as collaborators.

Be sure to apply to the California Institute of the Arts' School of Theater here:

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