BWW CD Reviews: Yellow Sound Label's GRIND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Pop-Laden and Poignant

BWW CD Reviews: Yellow Sound Label's GRIND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Pop-Laden and Poignant
Cover art courtesy of Yellow Sound Label.

In a world ruled by smartphones, social dating apps are at the forefront of the single's experience. Whether you're on OkCupid, Grindr, Tinder, Scruff, GROWLr, or any combination of these and the other ubiquitous apps, our glowing screens are commandeering human experience. Naturally, various forms of media are reflecting these trends and holding that mirror up to audiences. On October 1, 2014 audiences everywhere can experience the musical short film GRIND, but Yellow Sound Label has already released the film's infectiously pulsating, pop-laden soundtrack.

GRIND, a 34-ish minute short film, is about two men navigating life in New York City's Hell's Kitchen and dealing with the competitive app fueled hook-up culture. Vincent, played by Anthony Rapp of RENT fame, is an insecure but skilled and witty flirt on his favorite hook-up app. Thane (acted by Pasha Pellosie, sung by Eric Michael Krop) is model hot but unable to express himself. Somewhat like a modern-day CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Thane asks for Vincent to help him attract smart guys who won't take him too seriously through sending messages for him on the app. This partnership exposes Thane to a whole new world of men, but Vincent becomes hooked on the rush.

At 16 minutes, this EP offers approximately half of the film's running time for listeners to enjoy, but doesn't make the plot too easy to discern from the music presented. Regardless, Derek Gregor's score perfectly mirrors the music heard thumping out of Hell's Kitchen's trendy gay bars. Each of these songs, would be perfectly at home blasting over Friday night dance floors, and are sure to get your own toes tapping and hips swaying as you listen to them.

The film's plot explores the darker aspects of hook-up culture, and these themes are echoed in Selda Sahin's clever lyrics. Even in the first track, Eric Michael Krop's Thane sings "Stay the night./The bar will close,/But I'll be open./And, it's hard to find perfect/So late in the night./Soon we'll both be thinking/This could be right./Stay the night." The third song kicks off with lyrics like "They say the downfall starts with a single bite" and goes on to say "I'll let it take control./I'll let it take me in./I'll let it be the end of me," showing how the hook-up apps and their seemingly innocuous functionality are consuming the characters in this drama.

Rentheads, of course, will rejoice over any opportunity to hear Anthony Rapp on the album; however, all fans of quality musical theatre performance will find each of his songs to be wonderful. Yet, it is his performance on the closing ballad, "Used to be You," that is so richly decadent and really elevates this recording from being great to something that is unmistakably astonishing. To say he sings his heart out on this track simply doesn't do it justice. The emotionality and sincerity in the performance is gut wrenching in its melancholic beauty. Similarly, Eric Michael Krop's voice sounds great on the album as well. On "Easier Not to Care," his last ballad on the EP, he performs with touching, poignant vocals as well.

Yellow Sound Label released GRIND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on August 25, 2014. The EP can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon.

Additionally, GRIND, funded by crowdsourcing via IndieGoGo, has been a hit at several film festivals. Anyone can enjoy the film in its entirety by viewing it at starting on October 1, 2014. However, if you don't want to wait that long you can check out's exclusive early screening stream here. Be sure to follow GRIND on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo for more information about the film.

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