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David Clarke

David Clarke

David Clarke has had a lifelong love and passion for the performing arts, and has been writing about theatre both locally and nationally for years. He joined running their Houston site in early 2012 and began writing as the site's official theatre recording critic in June of 2013.





BWW Album Review: ONCE UPON A TIME STEP (Songs from the Ron Lytle Musical Fairy Tales PhotoAlbum Review: ONCE UPON A TIME STEP is Fun
Posted: Dec. 30, 2021


BWW Review: COME FROM AWAY on Apple TV+ is a Celebration of Humanity and Broadway PhotoBWW Review: COME FROM AWAY on Apple TV+ is a Celebration of Humanity and Broadway
Posted: Sep. 8, 2021

BWW Album Review: WEST SIDE STORY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Rife with R PhotoAlbum Review: WEST SIDE STORY is Rife with Resplendent Performances
Posted: Dec. 10, 2021

BWW Album Review: Ben Platt's REVERIE Legitimizes His Solo Pop Career PhotoAlbum Review: Platt's REVERIE Legitimizes His Pop Career
Posted: Aug. 20, 2021

BWW Album Review: ONCE UPON A TIME STEP (Songs from the Ron Lytle Musical Fairy Tales) is Fun
December 30, 2021

Recently released from Take The Cakeable Records, ONCE UPON A TIME STEP (Songs from the Ron Lytle Musical Fairy Tales) is a fun exercise in family-friendly, schmaltzy showtunes. There’s not a single track on the album that really sticks with you, but I imagine anyone who programs children’s theater who gives ONCE UPON A TIME STEP a listen will be reaching out to Lylte to license a show or two.

BWW Album Review: CAROLINE, OR CHANGE (The New Broadway Cast Recording) is Truly Remarkable & Moving
December 22, 2021

Christmas came early when Broadway Records released CAROLINE, OR CHANGE (The New Broadway Cast Recording) on digital platforms. The stunning two-disc recording captures every marvelous moment of the mostly sung-through score, gifting fans of Broadway a truly remarkable way to access this show no matter where they are.

BWW Album Review: WEST SIDE STORY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Rife with Resplendent Performances
December 10, 2021

Hollywood Records has released WEST SIDE STORY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). The new soundtrack soars, fully highlighting the brilliance of Leonard Bernstein’s unforgettable jazz and latin infused musical score.

BWW Album Review: Todd Almond's A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS Will Elevate Your Winter Wonderland
December 3, 2021

Just in time for the Christmas season, Ghostlight Records released Todd Almond’s debut holiday album A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS. The record is an unconventional, folk-pop holiday album that blends Almond’s original compositions with renditions of traditional carols and a few pop surprises. Often more wistful and melancholic than ebullient, A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS reminds listeners that joyfulness in the holiday season isn’t always sugar dusted or bright lights.

BWW Review: TICK, TICK... BOOM! Drags, But Is Effective
November 16, 2021

Written by Jonathan Larson, the theater composer and lyricist made infamous with RENT, the film adaptation of TICK, TICK… BOOM! is sure to garner a lot of attention. The stage version is a rollicking, urgent three-person chamber musical that flies by in a tight 90 minutes. The film is expanded to 115 minutes and suffers a bit under the weight of that bloat. The emotional peaks and valleys all work, but there are moments where the plot drags.

BWW Album Review: ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: SYMPHONIC SUITES Celebrates Art and Creativity
November 13, 2021

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s scores have remained among the most beloved and most commercially successful music to emanate from the depths of orchestra pits across the world. In a new love letter to the celebrated composer and his enduring music, Decca recently released ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: SYMPHONIC SUITES. The lush album features an 81-piece orchestra conducted by Simon Lee, and is a true treat for any fan of Lloyd Webber.

BWW Interview: Daniel Mitura and More Talk New Sci-Fi Short Film LAUNCH AT PARADISE
October 18, 2021

During the pandemic, Daniel Mitura wrote and took part in the filming of his latest short film, LAUNCH AT PARADISE. The new science-fiction short explores the costs of creating a unified perspective for all humankind that has the potential to end racism, violence, and insurrection. We sat down with Mitura, his cast, and a producer for an inside look at the soon-to-be-released film.

BWW Album Review: UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Original Cast Recording) is Truly Gorgeous and Evocative
October 13, 2021

Ghostlight Records released UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Original Cast Recording), one of composer Michael Friedman’s last scores, on Friday, September 24, 2021. Every lush and elegiac note and melody has been pristinely preserved with this truly gorgeous and evocative album.

BWW Reviews: DEAR EVAN HANSEN is Okay, And Here's Why…
September 21, 2021

Seeing the film with other critics and fans, every one seemed to be searching for an answer to the same question: Is the film really as bad as the first wave of reviews indicated? The silver lining: it’s not the worst stage to screen film adaptation I’ve sat through. However, DEAR EVAN HANSEN is definitely not a great movie.

BWW Review: COME FROM AWAY on Apple TV+ is a Celebration of Humanity and Broadway
September 8, 2021

On September 10, 2021, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001, Apple TV+ is debuting a stunning stage capture of Broadway’s COME FROM AWAY. Filmed live at Broadway’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in May 2021, the film is both a celebration of humanity’s penchant for kindness in the face of adversity and Broadway’s attempt to make a post-pandemic related lockdown return to vibrancy.

BWW Album Review: Ben Platt's REVERIE Legitimizes His Solo Pop Career
August 20, 2021

Earlier this month, Ben Platt dropped REVERIE, his second studio album. The irresistible pop project includes the highly lauded and much played singles “Happy to Be Sad” and “Imagine” while further cementing Platt as a legitimate pop musician.

BWW Album Review: IN THE HEIGHTS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Captivating and Gorgeous
June 11, 2021

Getting to experience the energy that new arrangements and new voices brings to the beloved material is a delight from beginning to end. Even if the movie’s reduced tracklist feels more like a “highlights” album, the record clips along with mirth and will easily have listeners dancing and singing along.

BWW Album Review: Laura Bell Bundy's WOMEN OF TOMORROW is Poignant and Thought-Provoking
May 26, 2021

Laura Bell Bundy has returned to us with the poignant album WOMEN OF TOMORROW, which keenly mixes the vintage aural soundscapes of The Andrew Sisters, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, and classic MGM movie musicals with many of the contemporary issues facing women, including equal pay, the psychological aspects of motherhood, unrealistic beauty standards, ownership over women's bodies, and more.

BWW Review: FRAGMENTS, A LIVE AUDIO STORY is a Quiet, Yet Richly Introspective Experience
May 7, 2021

It’s been a long road since March 2020, but the world is healing and Mandie Rapoza’s performance art piece, FRAGMENTS, A LIVE AUDIO STORY, is a welcomed and much needed breath of fresh air in a world where in-person art has been almost completely dormant.

BWW Review: AMOUR: THE VIRTUAL BROADWAY REVIVAL Is As Light and Refreshing as a Smooth, Buttery Chardonnay
April 2, 2021

AMOUR: transports audiences to Paris’ iconic and beautiful Montmartre neighborhood. Complete with scenic elements, costumes, and props, this production isn’t just a Zoom performance with backdrops added in. The digital experience evokes—to the best of its ability—a live performance on a Broadway stage with a cast of Broadway veterans.

BWW Feature: The 52nd Street Project's Teens Take The (Virtual) Stage For ME & U
February 23, 2021

The 52nd Street Project is presenting an evening of two new one-act plays in a livestreamed performance by its Teen Ensemble. ME & U., THE TEEN ENSEMBLE ONE-ACTS. This one-night-only performance event features a pair of original one-acts, featuring Teen Ensemble members Darby, Lakshmi, Nicole, Lauren & Magalis.

BWW Interview: Stan Zimmerman Talks YES, VIRGINIA, Starring Mindy Sterling and Arnetia Walker
December 15, 2020

YES, VIRGINIA is a heartwarming and hilarious holiday comedy about two older women navigating the perils of aging in suburban Detroit. The acclaimed dramedy is crafted in the vein of Stan Zimmerman’s writing for 'The Golden Girls'. To get the inside scoop about the upcoming digital production of YES, VIRGINIA, we chatted with Zimmerman about creating the play and working with Mindy Sterling and Arnetia Walker to bring this production to life.

BWW Album Review: THE ROCKY HORROR SKIVVIES SHOW: THE ALBUM is Wildly Fun Entertainment
December 11, 2020

Just in time for Halloween 2020, Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina independently released THE ROCKY HORROR SKIVVIES SHOW: THE ALBUM. Following COVID safety protocols, they gathered their friends and colleagues together to produce one of the most entertaining cast albums ever recorded.

BWW Review: WILD MOUNTAIN THYME is Enchanting Escapism
December 9, 2020

WILD MOUNTAIN THYME, a film you’ve likely not heard of, is truly one of 2020’s most beautifully lyrical and heartwarming romances. Adapted from John Patrick Shanely’s 2014 hit Broadway play OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, the film is both a love letter to Ireland and fairy tale romance, featuring enchanting performances from Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Christopher Walken, Dearbhla Molloy, and Jon Hamm.

BWW Review: THE PROM is an Uplifting, Feel-Good Musical Comedy
December 3, 2020

I approached Ryan Murphy’s film adaptation of THE PROM, expertly crafted for the stage by writers Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin and composer Matthew Sklar, with a lot of trepidation. Fortunately, most of my fears were misplaced and the final product is a joyous, technicolor celebration of living authentically that tugs all the right heartstrings while tickling every funny bone.