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BWW Blog: Stephanie Martignetti of Broadway's NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT - Cookies, Lingerie & Joe Torre!

Saturday was quite an eventful day at "Nice Work"! I walked into the girls' dressing room to what looked like Christmas morning. Kelli O'Hara brought up a giant bag filled with dresses she didn't want anymore. We had a ball trying on all the clothes and almost everyone ended up bringing something home!

Saturdays are known as Stanley Wayne Mathis cookie day! I am not exaggerating when I say every Saturday Stanely bakes us a giant box full of various cookies and for every cast members' birthday he makes a beautiful cake in whatever flavors the birthday boy or girl requests. He is amazing, and have you seen him do "Too Darn Hot" at the Tony's? Do yourself a favor and YouTube it soon as you are done reading this blog. Anyway, I was really excited for my weekly Ginger Snap but apparently there was a mad rush for cookies and they were ALL GONE!!! I was NOT happy. A birdie told me some of the boys squirrled away up to THREE cookies in their dressing room! (you know who you are.) Clearly I'm still a little bitter. Don't worry, this coming Saturday I will be sure to grab my share soon as I get in.

In between shows Two Boots Pizza generously dropped off more of our "Nice Pie if You Can Get It" along with every other pie they make. It was incredible. There was enough pizza for everyone in The company to have multiple slices and we still had left overs.

After the second show, I stopped by the bar, Lillies, for a going away party of one my company managers from MARY POPPINS. He is going to be a US Foreign Service Officer in Brazil. How cool is that? So I popped by to give him a hug and catch up with some of my MARY POPPINS family.

Sunday morning I went with Dom, my boyfriend, to his pottery studio, Brickhouse Ceramics, in Long Island City. He is a resident artist there. I checked out his latest work. I get such joy out of seeing him grow as an artist. He truly is gifted.

The big excitement at work on Sunday was that Cameron Adams hosted a Lingerie party after the show for the ladies of the cast! Samantha Sturm's friend works for a fancy lingerie company and she brought her stash to Cam's house for a private sale. I don't think the girls ensemble had been that excited since…. well Saturday when we were trying on Kelli's dresses. Seriously though, it was really fun and so gracious of Sam and Cam to facilitate the whole thing.

Monday was pretty lazy. Radley and I spent some quality couch time together. I also went downtown to meet and rehearse with my scene partner for acting class.

Tuesday we did the scene in acting class, which went pretty well. I definitely feel like I'm being challenged and learning a lot. What more can you really ask for from a class?
Tuesday night was the show. Joe Torre was in the audience and came back to say hi so I hustled (do you like how I threw a sports term in there?) downstairs to get a picture with him for my dad! He was a friendly guy and seemed to really have enjoyed the show.
Oh! By the way, the "Nice Work if You Can Get It" Cast album dropped (I'm cool like that) today! So purchase a copy on itunes now! Yeah!

Candice Marie Woods and Me Trying on Dresses!


A sad sight: an Empty Stanley Cookies Box


Robert Hartwell with Two Boots Pizza


Samatha Sturm, Shina Ann Morris and me with Tons of Pizza!


MP Peeps and Friends! Tyler Foy, Ryan Koss, Aaron Umstead, Sam Strasfeld and Kiara Bennett


Dom and his Newest Ceramic Creations!


The Nice Work Ladies and our New Undies!



Joe Torre and Me

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