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BWW Blog: Micah Young - Counting Chickens

BWW Blog: Micah Young - Counting Chickens

What is the goal in an audition? You want to book the gig, right? Who doesn't walk in the room hoping to book the audition? That said, there are a multitude of reasons for why people audition, within that hope of getting a job.

When we look to the end result we sometimes miss the steps along the way. If we rush art we get bad artwork. In an audition setting, if we count the chickens before they hatch, we might not get any chickens; if we think about the gig before we book it, it's hard to book it.

Some actors audition with all their hopes and dreams attached to that one audition. It's an unrealistic goal to expect to get hired from one or even a thousand auditions, if each audition is the audition. Other people simply take the audition when it comes, because that is a real part of the job as an actor.

What is the purpose of an audition? It can be a grueling, nerve-wracking experience that is a contained bubble. It's often hard to stay in the moment, focusing only on the audition. But when the goal becomes not to get the job, but to have a successful audition, the pressure is lifted. Having a successful audition is representing yourself well; that doesn't always mean you'll get hired. But it does mean that you've met your goal and did your best.

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