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BWW Blog: Keeping Busy

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Overall my time off has given me the time to really prepare for going away to school.

BWW Blog: Keeping Busy

Since I deferred in September I've been trying to find new ways to keep busy and still continue to improve upon my abilities. Originally I was super stressed about regression, I didn't want to take a semester off and then suddenly end up behind. I wanted to show up to Rider University on my A game and really give it the best I've got since I would only have four semesters there. I knew that if i was going to make the most of my time i needed to keep up on my performing arts skills in whatever way i could find. Turns out there was quite a bit that was available to me even in these strange times and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I first started looking for classes to take that would be weekly or bi weekly. I found dance classes at the center for performing arts in Rhinebeck. These classes were perfect because dancing doesn't come to me in the easiest way. These classes gave me the opportunity to begin my dance training before I arrive at Rider. The class has also built my confidence in my dance abilities. The amazing instructor Cedric James has the uncanny ability to make dance seem approachable and easy which is a feeling that i have never been able to experience.

I also found the chance to audition at the center for performing arts in Rhinebeck. I plan to audition for the Covid Chronicles which is a new piece. This would be my first time in a straight play and my first time originating a part. Which I think would be an amazing experience to have before going into an acting program, so fingers crossed I get cast. I've also had the amazing opportunity to see live theatre at the center for performing arts at Rhinebeck seeing both American Son and Songs for a New World. Two shows perfect for the current world circumstances.

I've also been taking workshops throughout my time away from school mainly through Broadway Arts Collective. I took an acting class for the camera workshop, which built on my knowledge of the subject. I am also planning on signing up for more of the workshops offered and will hopefully get a few more in before I leave for school.

I've also been keeping up on my private coaching with voice lessons. This is to ensure that my audition book is ready to go for when I do get to Rider. I've also been working on monologues to add to my repertoire. This is much needed because I only had two monologues before this time and I wasn't particularly fond of either. This has given me the time to really perfect my monologues which I will also be auditioning with once I get to Rider.

Overall my time off has given me the time to really prepare for going away to school. I've been able to get my audition material ready and to improve upon my abilities.

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