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Student Blogger: Benjamin Simonetty - Page

BWW Blog: Self Tapes Are the New Auditions!
September 10, 2020

The new age of auditions is self tapes which can be a very positive change to the auditioning experience. This allows you to really fine tune and perfect the material you're working with in an audition space.

BWW Blog: Deferring - A Hard Decision to Make
August 27, 2020

This came with many pros and cons for both options and was a very difficult decision to make.

BWW Blog: My Decision to Go to Dutchess Community College
August 11, 2020

There is often a stigma around community college.

BWW Blog: Throughout the Quarantine...
July 31, 2020

Finding ways to stay busy in the great big realm of theatre has never been a challenge and it still isna??t now, ita??s just different.

BWW Blog: Voice Lessons Online? How Can I Do That?
July 20, 2020

With the current happenings in the world studying the performing arts has been completely flipped on its head, the once completely in person lessons and rehearsals are now completely online using video chat and email.

BWW Blog: The Community College Experience
June 26, 2020

I remember being in high school weeks before graduation and being so unsure of what I wanted to do. I knew I enjoyed theatre but I had done zero research into the college that would work best for me and in all actuality I didn't know if college was the right choice for me.

BWW Blog: Staying Creative and On Task!
June 3, 2020

In my journey from community college to university I've come across some obstacles with the current changes. With the help of my Professors and peers I've discovered some tricks to help navigate this tricky time.