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BWW Blog: Cody Williams of R+H's CINDERELLA - First Weekend of Previews

If I had to guess, I would say previews are so exciting because they are the landmark that tells you, "The fun is about to begin!" They are the first palm trees you see on your drive to Disney World. Although we have a long month ahead of us, chalked full of all day rehearsals and hard work, knowing that we have hit preview time is exciting and energizing.

This past Friday was our first preview of Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella. It was special for everyone in the company, but especially for those who were making their Broadway debut. You only get one of those! Adding to our excitement was the fact that the Broadway Theater (which is one of the larger theaters) was completely sold out all weekend! To those of you who have bought tickets to the show, or who are excited about coming eventually, I say thank you.

One might suspect that actors would learn a thing or two from having their first paying audience. At the very least, actors learn where they need to pause for laughter or applause. This past weekend we learned a few more things. First, we learned to expect girls (of all ages) dressed as if they were going to the ball. It was definitely exciting to look out and see four Cinderellas house right, two baby Cinderellas house left, and another Cinderella in the mezzanine!

This weekend also reminded us just how incredible our swings are. In the middle of our Saturday evening show, one of our swings, Kirstin Tucker, had to go on. Not only was this her first time on stage in R + H's Cinderella, it was her Broadway debut! Kirstin completed the show flawlessly. R + H's Cinderella's talented team of swings is a tremendous asset!

During the dinner break between our two shows on Saturday, I discovered something incredible. Andy Einhorn (our music director) also musically directs Audra McDonald. This past Saturday, our cast was delighted to discover that if we hung out in the stage left staircase, we could hear Audra rehearsing in Andy's dressing room. A private Audra McDonald concert! How cool is that??! It is just another magical experience that makes this show so incredibly special. I'm thrilled to see what other magical experiences R + H's Cinderella brings into my life!

If you're on Twitter, let me know when you are coming to see the show @odyilliams

The Gift Shop is open!

Audra and Andy rehearsing for their next gig:

Cinderella's Glass Slippers available to the public (by Stuart Weitzman)

These turtle-people have been showing up everywhere at the Broadway Theatre. I have no idea who is drawing them!

We are trying to use colored lights (instead of a number line) at The Edge of the stage. Cast members Peter Nelson and Stephanie Gibson have written songs to help us learn them.

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