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BWW Blog: Articulating the Arts- Protest Art

BWW Blog: Articulating the Arts- Protest Art

Recently I was given the opportunity to stage manage for a theatre company called Articulate Theatre Company. This was a very exciting experience as this was the first time I have

been hired as a stage manager since moving to New York. The show I was asked to work was their annual showcase called Articulating the Arts: a show compiled of ten different short plays, each by a different playwright. The focus of this years show was Protest Art. As a student, this was an exciting and educational thing to be a part of for many reasons.

Being able to stage manage in New York during my freshman year of college was an incredible opportunity. I was able to make a connection with designers, actors, and directors whom I could potentially work with in the future. It is often said that the world of technical theatre is not always what you know but who you know so I believe this was a great start. I was able to work very closely with the lighting and sound designers, as I was also acting as the lighting and sound board operator for the run of the show. Being treated as their equal was very encouraging.

Working with new plays is an interesting process that I would encourage many to try and get involved with. You are not only working to fulfill the vision of the directors, but the playwrights are right there working with you too. Things, such as blocking and the script, are always changing and evolving right up to opening night, causing technical aspects to often change too.

The theme of the show was interesting as well. Each show was based off of piece of art created for the purpose of calling attention to current social and political issues ranging from discrimination in the workplace to Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem to gun laws. Each piece taught a very important lesson about how the current state of the country, all while staying in good taste.

As a student, being hired for a job like this is amazing. The feeling of getting your foot in the door created a new sense of confidence and motivation. Theatre companies that are willing to hire students and to give them a chance to apply what they are learning in school are very important to the theatre community. It's uplifting for a student to see themselves putting what they learn in a classroom into action, to see that their skills are improving.

Overall, this experience was one of the greatest opportunities I have received since moving to the city. I could not have been more impressed with the show that this wonderful team put out. Break legs xx

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