BroadwayGirlNYC: A View from The Fridge

BroadwayGirlNYC: A View from The Fridge

It's go time, theatre fans!  With less than a month till the Tony Awards, it's time to kick into high gear on planning your Tony Party.  But guess what?  This year I'm doing the heavy lifting for you.  Consider this your Tony Party guide.

I like to have a theme for my bash each year, and this time, I'm inviting you to share it.  Borrow from it, adapt it, or just take it and tell your friends you thought it up yourself.  Just get your oven preheated and your grocery shopping done, because the theme of this year's party is...

Food & Drinks Inspired by the Broadway Musicals and Plays of 2010!

When the guests arrive, greet them at the door with a cocktail.  Encourage your guests to imbibe while they speculate on who the big winners will be and settle in to watch the preshow festivities. 


  • The Crown Royal Family - Crown Royal & Grapefruit Juice with a splash of Grenadine. A variation of the "Sweet & Sour," it's a great one to share with any fame-hungry family members you may have invited to the party.
  • The Addams' Appletini - Vodka, Sweet & Sour Mix, and Apple Liqueur, shaken while gazing at the moon a la Uncle Fester.
  • Red Jello Shots - Follow the directions for traditional Jello shots, but use a mixture of strawberry, raspberry and cherry jello swirled together - so the color varies depending on the light and the mood of your surroundings.


Now that the guests are good and tipsy, it's time for the Tony Awards broadcast to begin. You'll want to whet your friends' appetites during the first hour of the show.


  • La Cage aux Meatbolles - turkey meatballs that looks & taste so much like beef that you'd swear they were the real thing.
  • Time Stands Stilton & Crackers - a cheese plate worthy of being immortalized on film.
  • Lend me a Chicken Tenders - Prepare two nearly-identical plates of chicken strips; never let them be in the same room at the same time.
  • Ham-lets - Pigs in a blanket. To be or not to be dipped in honey-mustard? You decide.


The show is well underway and surely you and your guests are ready for something a little more substantial. 


  • Mem-fish tacos - Offer up a taco platter featuring both Black Cod and white Talapia. Your really progressive party guests will try both on the same taco (and learn the flavors make beautiful music together)!
  • Million Dollar Quartet-Pounders with Cheese - add fries, a coke and a milkshake, and you get a "classic combination".
  • Fela! Cheesesteaks - So maybe cheesesteaks don't scream "Nigeria". But make them delicious enough, and it won't matter: everyone at your party will be saying "Yeah, yeah"!
  • Come Fry Away Chicken - Fry it up and do a chicken-dance of which Twyla herself would be proud.
  • Everyday Wrap-tures - Grab a tortilla, throw in some dried-beef (for Sherie Renee Scott's Mennonite half) and some New York pastrami (for her current Broadway career); add some beautiful garnishes (representing those gorgeous backup singers in the show).


By now everyone is pretty much stuffed, but it's time for the "big" awards.  Make room on the couch for those who wandered off during the scenic design and choreography presentations, and make room for a little 2010 Broadway-inspired dessert!


  • Superior Donut Holes - The ones delivered fresh from Chicago are the best.
  • Finian's Rainbow Sherbet - Serve with a side of Cheyenne Jackson. If none is available, a side of chocolate sauce will do.
  • Café Americano Idiot - If you go out to pick up coffee drinks, make sure to avoid the heroin dealer on the corner!


Congratulations!  The winners have been announced and the statuettes have all been handed out.  Now give yourself a standing ovation, because you threw a hell of a party!  Now take a rest, because it's never too early to start brainstorming for next years' bash.  (Perhaps geared toward your sweet tooth? I'm thinking Priscilla, Queen of the Desserts...)

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