BWW Interviews: Lauren Samuels Of WE WILL ROCK YOU About Her Pheasantry Cabaret!

Hi Lauren, welcome back to BWW:UK! Tell us about your Pheasantry cabaret. What kind of songs will you be performing? 
I'm really excited to being doing a cabaret at The Pheasantry. It's such a gorgeous little venue in a gorgeous part of London. It will be very intimate and I hope to let the audience in to my world for an evening. I've selected a mix of my favourite musical theatre songs and also thrown in some of my favourite pop songs. The wonderful Lucie Jones will also be joining me to sing a favourite song of hers and we will be doing a fun duet together as well. We've never sung together so I'm very excited to have her on board. It will be a great relaxing night out for all those attending - a time to eat pizza, drink wine, listen to some great classic tunes and have a chat with me!
The blurb for the show says it's songs that have shaped your career - do you pinpoint Over The Rainbow as your biggest break, and would you recommend that route for other aspiring performers?

I would probably say that it was my biggest break, yes. I met some fantastic influential people during the whole process, and was given the brilliant opportunity to sing in front of The Lord and the brilliant panel each week. It's not something that I would necessarily recommend to aspiring performers; I would however recommend drama school! But it was something that worked out really well for me at the time. I've been very lucky.
This show is intimate and unplugged - is that a scary prospect having been used to singing on vast West End stages?
I definitely get more nervous when i'm just performing as 'me' and not a character. Its strange being able to see the audience so close and not to have big lights, a costume and a huge band to hide behind. But I think it's really important to give something back to all the people who have supported me over the past few years, and if they can't necessarily afford West End show prices, then this is the perfect opportunity to come and let me entertain you!
I hear you'll have a guest at your show - how do you know Lucie? You must have been disappointed that Alex Gaumond had to cancel...
Yes, I'm super excited to have Lucie performing. Lucie and I know each other through friends really and have stayed in touch supporting each other in shows for a while. Lucie will be performing a gorgeous and very current MT solo and together we will be doing an acoustic version of a recent pop song. 
And of course I was disappointed that Alex had to cancel, we were excited to have the chance to sing something other than Queen together! But I understand, this industry is so unpredictable and I would never want to come between him and a job opportunity. I'm sure we'll sing together again in the future.
You've done a huge range of material in recent months - Queen, Grease, Jason Robert Brown, you have a favourite style of music to sing?
I have, haven't I?! I've been very lucky. I've done a lot of musical theatre singing throughout my life and so joining We Will Rock You and singing Queen every night has been brilliant. I love challenging myself and do all sorts of styles, so no, I don't have a favourite, I love it all!
Lauren Samuels is performing at the Pheasantry on Sunday March 11th. She's also starring in We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre.

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