The English Theatre of Hamburg Announces Auditions for ROSE'S DILEMMA


The English Theatre of Hamburg presents ROSE'S DILEMMA, a comedy by Neil Simon, directed by Robert Rumpf. Auditions run from 14 to 24 March, 2011 in London. Rehearsals being 11 April to 1 May, 2011, in Hamburg. Opening date is 5 May for eight performances a week for a maximum of 9 weeks.

The weekly net fee paid for rehearsal and performance periods amounts to 260.00 Euros. Payment is made in cash in Hamburg beginning the first Friday of employment. The theatre provides transportation to Hamburg and back to England as well as accommodation in Hamburg.

Rose Steiner, a well-known American novelist in her early sixties, desperately needs to write another best-seller because she is running out of money. She has been suffering from writer's block ever since her lover, Walsh McLaren, also a famous, best-selling author, passed away five years ago. Rose misses Walsh terribly, but believes she is able to see and talk to his ghost. This gives her comfort. She even has passionate, noisy sex with him upstairs in the bedroom- to the embarrassment of her adult daughter, Arlene, who lives with Rose. After five years of ghostly encounters, Walsh says he will have to leave Rose forever in two weeks time. But, before he goes, he wants to secure Rose's financial future. He suggests that she complete the writing of his last unfinished novel with the help of Gavin Clancy, a young writer who lives nearby. Despite the fact that she could earn a lot of money from a book with Walsh's name on it, Rose is hesitant to publish something she cannot honestly say was written in its entirety by Walsh McLaren. Rose's daughter complicates the situation by falling in love with the charming young man who comes to help with the writing project.

Rose Steiner: (early 60s) A charismatic figure, Rose, a successful writer, has been judged by critics all her life and has continually had to live up to the expectations of others. As a result she has become tough, sarcastic, stubborn and at times abrasive. Nevertheless, she has an indefatigable lust for life and lives every day to the fullest. Her relationship with Walsh has been stormy, but passionate. He died five years ago and she still misses him terribly, so much so that she imagines that his ghost comes to visit her. She is quick witted and good at making people laugh. Despite her rough edges she is an appealing character. Arlene, her adult daughter, calls her a loving mother even though she was neglected by Rose as a child.

WALSH MCLAREN: (about 65) Walsh has been dead for five years, but his ghost appears frequently to his beloved Rose. Or is he a figment of her imagination? Walsh shares Rose's sense of humor and he has/had a strong sexual as well as intellectual relationship with her. Rose is tough, but she met her match in Walsh. He now wants to solve her financial woes by persuading her to get a young writer to help her finish a novel he started to write, but because of his death, was unable to complete. He knows that a newly published novel with his name on it would provide Rose with all of the money she needs. Gavin describes Walsh as having "more charm, dignity and compassion than any walking spirit since Hamlet's father."

ARLENE: (early 30s) Like her mother Rose, Arlene is a writer. She was raised by her father because Rose knew that as a successful novelist she would not be able to give Arlene the love she needed. They saw each other a couple of times every year when Arlene was growing up, but this did not satisfy her. Her father has died and Arlene is happy to finally live with Rose. Arlene is kind
and understanding. She believes that Rose only imagines that Walsh's ghost appears, and she tries patiently but persistently to make Rose realize that Walsh is not really there. She also tries, to no avail, to get her to stop buying flowers and expensive food they cannot afford. She discovers that as an adult she is still neglected by her mother because of Rose's obsession with Walsh. Her frustration turns to anger and finally rage and she tells Rose the negative effect she has had on her life. She says it wouldn't be so bad if she took second place to a man who was alive, but to play second fiddle to a ghost is too much. When young Gavin Clancy appears on the scene to help Rose finish Walsh's novel, the two fall in love. Arlene is attractive but modest, and projects warmth and a genuine interest in other people.


Please send CVs and photos to:
Gordon Griffin
20 Canfield Gardens
London NW6 3LA

No telephone calls. Please do not send submissions to the theatre in Hamburg. They will not be considered.

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