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This holiday season, BWW has been covering all of the holiday cabaret fun in the city of Toronto. We wrap up with the final Christmas cabaret of the season, a blow-out of an event that promises sing songs, cookies and urges audience members to wear their 'have fun' pants! It's SharRon Matthews and George Masswohl's Super Fun Christmas Sing-a-Long.

If you don't know Sharron and George, you are missing out on two of the funniest and most talented people on the Toronto cabaret and musical theatre scene. When they're together they radiate joy, and it's a special event when they decide to share the stage. In the spirit of Christmas sharing, we decided to interview them at the same time, and what ensued was much laughter and holiday debauchery as they discussed what to expect from this week's show:

First off, what made you guys decide to do this show together?

We don't get to perform together very often, we love Christmas and we wanted to have a party. This show covers all those things! And we don't have to clean our house after. Success!

When was the last time you performed in this type of show together?

SM: A number of years ago we put together a show called 'What You Don't Know' and it featured songs that were perhaps lost from some of our favourite musicals. We did stuff from Parade, The Wild Party and a show called One, Two, Three, Four. It was a hit we tell you! We performed it all over Ontario and did a two week sit down at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton.

GM: And don't forget we followed it up with 'What You don't...Noel!' along with our friends Lisa Atkinson and Bruce Dow.

SM:We did! That was a big hit, too! At Buddies, of course.

Sounds like you've got an exciting roster of special guests - who all is participating?

We do! We have amazing guests! Alana Bridgewater of We Will Rock you who is a killer singers and an all-around wonderful gal. We have Michael Hughes fresh off a world tour of his highly acclaimed hit cabaret Mickey and Judy, and he is partnered up with actor/singer/cabaret mastermind behind 'Shamelss Sunday's' at Buddies, Ari Weinberg. And we have two surprise super awesome guests who are NOT the Clauses!

What does cabaret mean to both of you and how do you tweak the 'traditional' cabaret to make it holiday fare?

GM: Cabaret, to me? C'mon! SharRon Matthews!

SM: I love him. No tweaking needed! Just add your Christmas stories and Christmas songs. I guess technically that is tweaking...

I've got to ask - will you do a version of 'Baby It's Cold Outside'?

That is a very good question! It has been requested as a sing-a-long...which will be challenging, but we have figured out a way to it and tucked a surprise inside! A Christmas surprise!

Sharron - you've been called Canada's Cabaret Queen - would this make George your King?

SM: Oh my, thanks to you AND our family is a democracy. That is the best answer. The answer that keeps ALL happy.

GM: I'm King of the world.

SM: (Rolls Eyes....again.)

What is it about cabaret that keeps you coming back again and again?

SM: There is nothing like the intimate experience of cabaret and of connecting with the audience. Of choosing all my own material and writing my shows, I enjoy that freedom very much. It means that it might be a while between gigs, but that is a chance I am willing to take. I like being the pilot of my career.

What is your favourite holiday song and why?

SM: My favourite Christmas Song is "Christmas Time is Here" from Charlie Brown Christmas - could make you cry with nostalgia.

GM: Gotta love Bing and Bowie! Note that I gave a different answer in another interview - let's see who's paying attention!

Which holiday song do you want to put earmuffs on and avoid?

SM: We have been asked this a couple of times so I am gonna change it up! I DO NOT LIKE Good King Wenceslas. I had to google to spell it, that just isn't right.

GM: Same as ever: Sir Paul's "Wonderful Christmas-time".

Finally, what's the number on reason for our readers to come out to this show?

SM: This is the Christmas Party EVERYONE will remember for years to come! (Is that too much?)

GM: HoHoHo!

When and Where?

Sharron and George's Superfun Christmas Singalong

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

December 20th at 8:00PM

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in person at the door, by phone 416-975-8555 or online at

Note: Sharron and George's Super Fun Christmas Sing-a-Long is officially SOLD OUT but there will be a limited number of standing room tickets available before the show, in person at the Buddies box office.

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