BWW Reviews: BIANCA DEL RIO Keeps Hilarious Rolodex of Hate Spinning

Beginning coverage of a Bianca Del Rio performance with a quote would necessitate a strong memory, selection of a line that best represents the show, and, most likely, heavy use of expletives. Finding one quote that best showcases the hilarity and skill of each punching line Bianca Del Rio gave is impossible- would her roast of handicapped people or calling Jesus "well-hung" best represent the queens show? Drag queen phenomenon, and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season six, Bianca Del Rio spent nearly two hours exploring her infamous 'rolodex of hate' to Tampa's receptive crowd, roasting popular drag queens, television shows, and even audience members. Those who attended knew what they were in for with Bianca's unique brand and delivery, but the internationally sold-out Not Today Satan tour still manages to shock and surprise in her final legs.

From Willam to Latrice Royale to La Ganja Estranga, even a nice collection of RuPaul jokes, Bianca held no punches from her sisters. Bianca does apologize that she hasn't yet had time to catch up on the recent season (although not convincingly, considering her nearly fifteen minute set on all the trash television she consumes), so future audiences shouldn't get hopes high to hear what the rolodex has on Nina Bonita Brown or Valetina. Even with the massive selection of shade she throws, it was refreshing to find that Bianca spends very little time taking shots at her sisters, spending over 80% of the show handling personal anecdotes, general discussion, and improvised humor.

Even Bianca's biggest detractors will agree- Del Rio has the quickest wit in the business. Tampa was particularly blessed for a wonderful turn of events, starting with Bianca's exasperated, "Apparently, we have a deaf bitch in the audience tonight." On stage left, a pair of ASL interpreters signed the show, which Bianca took as an interpretation to invite the (particularly stony) interpreter into her set. Bianca started into a 'Who's on First' discussion with the interpreter, who simply translated the questions- "Will you look at me?" "Stop fucking signing!" "Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?" The frustrated Bianca started to prey on the blushing ASL interpreter, trying not to laugh, as the drag queen stood behind her, throwing out her explicit and shockingly hilarity. Even as the ASL interpreters switched out back and forth through the night (taking breaks, not due to Bianca), she kept them an engaging portion of her performance on the fly.

"Time to powder my face- if I don't powder, I look like Willam." The jokes flew, never letting energy fall, and continuing to shoot raunchy jokes into her crying audience. "I'm kidding! I'm not like Willam - I have an audience." Bianca went into a dissection of My 600lb. Wife, Caitlyn Jenner, and drunken airport shenanigans. After her set, Bianca was given a stack of audience questions, which may have been the strongest part of her show.

The questions ranged from "What should we name our baby?" to "Have you ever had sex with a woman?" to "Do you want to smoke after?" Bianca cut each question down with her razor nails, smiled her blinding white teeth at the victim, and finally let her guard down. After her comeback, Bianca would almost always take time to acknowledge the fan, and the question, and seemed vulnerable, even temporarily- Tampa was blessed to see some of those impossible occurrences of Bianca Del Rio's sincerity, without the defensive wit.

If you're wondering what Bianca Del Rio has to offer, what is served at the Not Today Satan tour- lots of clown realness. In her shining gown, staple makeup, and a vicious smile, Bianca will give you an unforgettably cruel show, in all the best ways. Never forget her disclaimer, everything is a joke, and nothing is to be taken seriously- Hurricane Bianca is here to stay.

Not Today Satan continues its North American tour, you can find tickets and dates here.

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