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World premier of Peter Pan 2 - The revenge of Captain Hook, 21st of September 2019, Intiman, Stockholm, Sweden

Today it was time for the world premiere of a new adventure with Peter Pan, Peter Pan 2 - Captain Hook's revenge on the Theatre Intiman in Stockholm, Sweden. Kålle Gunnarsson has written the script and directed. Tomas Totten Strömberg and Anders Lindahl has created the new music.

Wendy (Emma Karlsson) has grown up and married Jake (Ludvig Rydman) and they have two children, Jane (Meleha Myhrberg) and Timothy (Mio Ollinen) and they live in London. Wendy has told her kids about the adventures she had with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and all the others, but by time it has become fairy tales for her. But then one day they read in the newspaper that a strange ship has been reached to the harbor and it looks like pirate ship. Jane thinks it sounds foolish as pirates do not exist, but Timothy thinks it sounds exciting. In the evening they play hide-and-seek on the street and when Jane hides with her secret boyfriend neighbor Kevin (Oscar Norgren), Captain Hook (Johnny Johansson) shows up outside the house with his pirates and Timothy hears how they plan to kidnap Wendy in order to capturet Peter Pan. But Captain Hook has not realized that Wendy has grown up but kidnaps Jane instead who he thinks is Wendy. And the adventure is in full swing. Tinkerbell (Susanna Enbågen) and Peter Pan (Mathias Jonsson) will of course come to rescue Jane and together they travel to Neverland where the Lost Children show up and help. It is an exciting adventure with lots of singing and dancing, even tap dancing, and exciting fencing scenes. Everything is surrounded by the fine scenes of London which are then turned around in the second act and we end up in a magically beautiful Neverland and the magic is enhanced by the lighting. Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Wendy fly back and forth on stage, which the kids in the audience think is very fascinating, even if it is not as powerful as the witches' flying scene in the Witches of Eastwick played at Circus this fall as well. Imagine what a joy it would have been if Tinkerbell and Peter Pan had flown out across the crowd. But the kids shout as loud as they can when Tinkerbell is dying and Wendy asks the whole crowd to scream "I believe in fairies!" That would have saved any dying fairy

This is a wonderful exciting family adventure where the characters are at the center and there are no big poster names to sell tickets, instead they trust that the exciting adventure in itself will sell and it will. I had a 6-year-old girl with me and she thought it was great, the first thing she said when it was over was "I want to see it again". And then she kept talking about different scenes all the way home. About how Peter Pan flew, about the police in the end who turned out to be a disguised Captain Hook, but also that Tinkerbell should really wear a green dress ... That was probably the only criticism she had to come up with. She really liked this show and thought it was so fun to see Peter Pan and Captain Hook again as she met them when we were at EuroDisney in Paris in January.

Although it is a musical that is primarily aimed at children, you have fun as an adult as well. The whole ensemble is good and I was so impressed with all the talented kids who played in it. The costumes by Caroline Eriksson are nice and colorful. As I said, scenography is very fine and magical, and lovely dance numbers choreographed by Daniel Larsson.

Now that the autumn horror is starting to set in and it is getting darker and colder, it is perfect to take some kids and escape to Intiman and head to the enchanting land of Neverland for a couple of hours.

Peter Pan 2 will be played until November 23, and tickets are on sale her:

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