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BOBHUNDMUSIKAL Comes To Helsingborg's Stadsteater


BOBHUNDMUSIKAL – för folk med tinnitus i hjärtat premiers October 9th.

BOBHUNDMUSIKAL Comes To Helsingborg's Stadsteater

Ever since the birth of the band 30 years ago, bob hund has throughout the years continuously been appointed "Sweden's best live band". Their guest performance at Malmö Opera resulted in the death of the band on stage. Now, they're being resurrected as ghosts at Helsingborg's Stadsteater - in a musical.

When bob hund debuts on the theatre stage they do so in ghostly attire, in a possibly true story, with four brand new songs in their repertoire. BOBHUNDMUSIKAL - för folk med tinnitus i hjärtat is a story about what it's like to not fit in, yet desperately trying to fit together. Having to discount your soul to succeed, and how you do it without stepping on each other - or yourself. This is also an homage to failure, a trip in time where nothing really changes.

For 30 years, bob hund has challenged themselves as well as the music industry. Other than having released nine full-length albums and four EP's, the band has also auctioned off all of their instruments, disbanded several times only to start over, and performed in an opera in which the band died in front of a live audience. Now they're haunting the stage at Storan in Helsingborg.

The newly written musical revolves around the pop band bob katt. In their baggage they carry not only their instruments and talent but also the ups and downs of life itself. Together the members try to balance parents in crisis, financial concerns and the longing of having children with fighting to make their dreams of signing to a record label, touring and claiming their fame come true. But when a devastating quarrel disbands the group, some spooky characters come to life. It's the seasoned musicians of the old Helsingborg-based band bob hund, that begins to haunt them. With the power of music, the ghosts of bob hund travel back in time in an attempt to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to separate the friends forever.

This story is one of friendship and wishing to control the uncontrollable. It's directed by Kajsa Giertz, manager of Helsingborgs stadsteater.

What: BOBHUNDMUSIKAL - för folk med tinnitus i hjärtat
Where: Stage Storan at Helsingborgs stadsteater
When: Performed October 9th - November 12th at Storan, as well as a guest performance at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg 18 - 21 November.

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