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BIRTHDAY CANDLES at Playhouse Teater

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BIRTHDAY CANDLES at Playhouse TeaterBirthday Candles (Tårtljus) to open at Playhouse in Stockholm the 30th of September 2020

Birthday Candles (Tårtljus) by Noiah Hadles will open the 30th of September as scheduled. However there will be a maximum of 50 persons in the audience in line with the current Corona restrictions.

In order to make sure the restrictions are followed the theater has adapted the following:

  1. Bookings; we have changed so that it is not possible to book seats next to someone you do not know - every other row is empty and there is plenty of space between each party. Maximum 50 people based on FHM's regulations in a salon that takes 200, so plenty of space simply!
  2. We will have different "arrival times" to avoid queuing in the cloak roam when you arrive. We have staff adapted for 200 people even though we only take in 50 for quick and easy check-in.
  3. We let in earlier in the salon and allow you to bring drinks in so as not to create congestion and queues at the bar.
  4. Organized emissions line by line to avoid congestion at check-out
  5. Both performances of the autumn have no interval. This way we avoid the congestion that can occur in the bar during the interval.
  6. Sparse between the tables for those who eat in the bistro before or after the show-
  7. Free rebooking and cancellation if you either feel the least bit sick or for some other reason do not feel that you want to come related to the corona situation.

So what is the play Birthday Candles about?

What makes a lifetime a life?
Ernestine turns 17 and is tormented by the insignificance of her and the universe. Soon she will turn 18. Then 41. Then 70. And then 101. Five generations and a birthday cake that is baked in the same way for a whole century. What really makes a lifetime a life?

In Noah Haidel's gripping, comic and tender play, we get to follow Ernestine (Katrin Sundberg) through life; friends, relationships and family members who come and go; her reflections on the meaning of everything at different stages of life.

It is a down-to-earth and at the same time breathtaking story performed by a star-studded ensemble - 83 years and a lifetime of 90 minutes!

The play, which is directed by Playhouse's artistic director Elisabet Klason in translation by Bengt Ohlsson, premiered in Detroit in 2018 and will in due course have a delayed Broadway premiere with Debra Messing in the lead role.

On stage:
Katrin Sundberg, Reuben Sallmander, Charlie Gustafsson, Amanda Jansson, Steve Kratz, Pierina Rizzo

By: Noah Haidle
Director: Elisabet Klason
Translation: Bengt Ohlsson
Scenography: Pia Wiik
Costume design: Maria Felldin Almgren
Lightning design: Kevin Wyn-Jones
Sound design: Daniel Douhan
Mask: Nina Lagnefelt
Producer: Louise Helgesson

Playtime: Approx 90 minutes, no interval

Theaterpublisher: Nordiska

By contribution of: Stockholm Stad, Svante Bergströms Teaterstiftelse

Tickets on sale:

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